Fantabulously Fun Finlie!


Hello everyone!
I'm so glad to have found this website! I have an 11 month old rat terrier named Finlie and she is the best dog I've ever had. We love tricks!!! At dog school she is known as the circus act. Neither one of us can sit still long enough during class so we practice our tricks while we wait.
I used to work with and help train marine mammals, the best job ever by the way, but now I have a boring job. Finlie gives me the excitement and the joy I used to get everyday at work. I have made lists of things I want to teach her to do but right now we are working on standing on a playground ball. She loves it!



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Welcome to the DTA! nothin' better than a Terrier eh? they're AMAZING dogs (if kept busy! LOL)

I'm working on that very same trick with Oliver... he can balance his front paws on the ball, and walk around it with his back paws, but I want to see if he'll actually get ON the ball... he has AMAZING balance! I'm also working towards him balancing on a broomstick.

He is, however ALOT larger than your terrier... he's an Irish Terrier mix (most likely) and between 35 and 40 lbs :)


Finlie can roll the ball around with her front legs too. She will stand on it if I keep it from rolling. She puts her little paws up on everything. I should try the whole broomstick thing though. Luckily I have a terrier type of personality. She is very busy.


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Finlie sounds wonderful.... Think i'd need an elephant ball to get Oka to stand on one though!