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i'm at my sister's house. i have to leave on sunday. there is a LOT to do.

so i'm lying on the floor doing up posters for a garage sale. i'm scribbling away with my sharpie when a big black honker appears in my field of vision sniffing the marker tip as it's going over the paper.

"oi," i said, "watch it--" just as he starts nudging the marker sharply with his nose messing everything up! i said "HEY!!!!" and he slaps the marker which not only knocked it out of my hand but drove the tip up into the barrel!

a little later on, i'm bent over sorting clothes - yard sale, trash, sistesr's, kids, "oh, THAT'S where i left that!", etc and next thing i know, he gives me a hard poke on the butt sending me headfirst onto the pile of clothes!

about half an hour ago, i'm trying to set up hardwood flooring for nailing down tomorrow. i'm lying on my stomach fiddling with the tape measure and squinting to count those stupid little millimeter markings when here comes that big black honker again! he sticks his nose right underneath - basically right into my cleavage - and now i have a faceful of black fur and no, i can't see those stupid little millimeter markings.

honestly! some ppl's kids!


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He's very creative with his attention getting tactics. Brody is very curious like that, has to get his big fluffy head in the way of whatever I'm doing. When he wants my attention, though, he always resorts to stealing something and running away with it. Rolled up socks are his item of choice, but he will go for pretty much anything he thinks I will chase him down to get back. He's finally learning the difference between "I'm gonna getcha!" (said with a smile and a playful voice) and "Brody, drop it!" (said with a frown and no humor whatsoever).