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  1. threenorns Well-Known Member

    well, at the age of 4yrs, dandy finally did it: got into the garbage and binged out.

    my hubbie left the bag, open and untied, on the back deck. i went out to bring dandy back in and was all WTH!??? cleaned it up, and didn't think anything of it.

    afterward, i fed him his breakfast and he was decidedly lacklustre. he wasn't into it at all. i thought oh well, and gave him his breakfast without doing the training - we all have off days after all - and went upstairs to do the dishes.

    about half an hour later, O M G, did dandy spew! three giant, steaming piles with the most obnoxious stench you can imagine! there were yoghurt labels, bits of meat tray, a tray liner, half a loaf of bread (entire half-slices - looks like he didn't bother to chew, just hoovered them up), even *whole* potatoes, mostly still frozen!

    i didn't even know his stomach had that kind of capacity, is what i'm saying!

    well, he seems okay now - he's perked up but still looking a bit frayed around the edges so i'm not sure if i should take him to the park and let him run around or if i should just keep him home and quiet for a day or two.... ?

    he AND the cats - for the last ... i dunno, week, maybe? ... they've been acting really really wierd: they act like they're starving all the time even though they're putting on weight. dandy's okay but the cats are actually getting fat (it's not the pot-bellied "worm belly" thing, either - they're just getting fat) and still they're literally howling for food!
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  2. Mutt Experienced Member

    I'd look at Dandy his behavior, but after a day he could easily go for walks again.
    I don't know if it also applies for cats, but giving a dog greem beans is often advised to give him a stuffed feeling without increasing the amount of food :)
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  3. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I'm a little late, I know, you've most likely moved on. I had a similar experience about 10 days ago, my two counter-surfed their brains out while I was at work, cleared the kitchen counter, broke jars, etc, and ate (among other things) a new 3 lb bag of Yummy Chummies (salmon dog treats) - they had the time of their lives!! Long story very short - I ended up at the vet with Alf cuz I was worried about bloat or a blockage. Three abd xrays and IV fluids later, he was fine (as was Makena) - they both were fine, just both feeling like "fattycakes who ate too much at Thanksgiving", and looking like water buffalos.

    They were both on VERY bland diets for a few days - nothing but several small meals of a little chicken for a day (starting the next day), then chicken and rice for a day, then chicken and rice with some added kibble - then gradually back to their usual fare, all to give their gut time to recover from their "ordeal". They scared the daylights out of me, cuz I've had dogs my whole life and never had anything like this happen before. To think I literally could have lost both dogs in one swoop was beyond my comprehension - but they were both fine, thank goodness.

    It's good that Dandy threw up all he ate - that's what 'saved' Makena, she threw up a lot, and Alf didn't. I would think as long as Dandy is peeing and pooping like normal, and acting like normal, he's probably fine - but good to let their bodies rest a bit, as their bodies do go thru quite an ordeal - hence the "looking a bit frayed around the edges". I did nothing with mine all last weekend, just hung out (much to their dismay).
  4. threenorns Well-Known Member

    yeah, that's pretty much what happened - not much food for a couple of days and he's back to normal. *definitely* no intestinal blockage. when i presented his dinner that night, i could swear he winced, lol. i don't like letting his stomach get empty bec then he gets the urka-gurkas and it's a nasty mess to clean up.
  5. k9 crazed Experienced Member

    Ugh yeah the urka-gurkas, usually happen about an hour before your alarm is set to go off don't they!
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  6. threenorns Well-Known Member

    LMAO - yeah - it's not a good sign when your first words for the day are "**seriously**, dandy!???"
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