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My Seneca gets really excited whenever anyone comes home. literally anyone. What's the best way to break him of that habit. I don't like for him to put his paws up on someone who isn't directly calling for him. He has improved since we first got him such that he very seldom jumps up on unsuspecting people outside but inside is a whole different matter.

Any suggestions?


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Of course he is excited when you get home! :) He spent x amount of time home, alone, he is happy that you're back.

I'd say that you could try to teach him, that when he sees that the door is opening, he should sit down, and wait, until you release him.

Or don't take care of him, if he jumps up. (I don't know how big he is, but if he is very big, this can be a littlebit hard... :D)


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The 2 strategies that I like for teaching no jumping is either turning your back on the dog, or using body blocking. Either way, I immediately reward the dog with petting as soon as the dog's 4 feet are on the floor. So in the beginning if you're doing the back turn it's a lot of turn, pet, turn, pet, repeated over and over again.

For visitors, since they will never listen to you when you tell them not to pet your dog, I do something different. I like to teach my dog to back away from the door whenever he hears the doorbell ring. In the beginning you practice without anyone on the other side of the door. Another option is to teach her to go lie down on her dog bed whenever the doorbell rings, or maybe even teach her to play dead for a tummy rub. She can't lay on her back and jump at the same time!


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My puppy has been going through the same thing. With me, if I just turn my back on her she calms down almost immediately now. Then I make sure to tell her in a non-excited voice how good she is, and make sure to rub her belly good.

When it comes to visitors, I've asked friends to ignore her but it just doesn't seem to work. After she calms down a bit, she goes into spurts of hyperactivity again.

I've started hooking her to a leash and every time she goes crazy on my guest, I take her by the leash and walk her out of sight of my guest. When she sits and looks at me, we then go back out. Every time she tries to jump on the guest, she is taken out and made to sit.

I've only done this twice now with friends, and it has gotten better. She still tends to jump, but I think she's beginning to realize what's going on. Last night it took her walking back and forth five times before she finally calmed down and all but ignored my guest!

Good luck with it...


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throw low value treats away from u like kibble. turn around and walk back out, close door. this got my do to quit jumping. i enter and ignore her for 1-3 minutes until she offers a behavior i do want like sit or down. i may pet once or treat but no excited yay wheeee greetings. homecoming is a non event. practice leaving and coming right back in, 30 seconds, 2 mins, 10 seconds, random. get ur keys and coat and act just like normal, give a chewie or scatter some kibble and wordlessly, non-event leave and do several times a day.

i also trained with a large mat by the door, no dogs allowed on mat, shaped with clicker. this way i don't get claws on door. either that or gating off door with xpen where i have room to step in. they also make plastic temporary door protectors.

a tether can be used too if you have a partner that can watch for safety. never leave a tethered pup unobserved. i put a bungee on a tether for a softer pull stop. I think clicker would be the easiest way to go since u can click treat for any 4 on the floor. Don’t need to talk if this excites. Be calm & good luck