Everyone can train dogs?



Dogs are get only trained by professionals else can anyone train dogs by reading relevant books and articles?:dogwacko:


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Sure, we think that anyone can train a dog. It helps if you have an understanding of basic training skills like operant conditioning and behaviour modification ... doesn't hurt to understand a bit of dog psychology either - information about specific breeds and how dogs "think". But really, most of the time it's common sense work, being consistent, knowing yourself and your animal and having patience and the time to devote to the training. I think that if I were starting out that I'd want to have the support of an experienced trainer ... to teach me, not the dog ... how to go about certain things ... but once you've got the basic knowledge, whether you've read it in a book or learned it from a more experienced trainer ... yes, we think anyone can train a dog.

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Jean Cote

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The only difference between you and a professional is they have more knowledge and experience with dog training.

If you equip yourself with the same knowledge, you will be able to train your dog to so the same thing. And of course, gain experience at the same time. :)

Sure it might take you a little longer to get the desired result since you are new at dog training, think of it like riding a bicycle, it's hard as heck in the beginning but once you got the hang of things, it's rather easy. :)


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I see examples every day, that lots of people can't train their dogs.
They go to "dog-school" (I don't know if it's the right word, but this the translation of the hungarian word: kutyaiskola kutya=dog iskola=school), and they can't even get their dogs to go back to them when they call them.
So I don't think everyone can, but maybe I just see bad examples. Hungarian people can't really treat their dogs right (most of them).


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Well said Hivin! I agree completely, ANYONE has the ABILITY to train a dog, it is up to the person to have motivation to learn HOW and be consistant at it. People that go to dog school and still can't train their dog, is not motivated and obviously not practicing what they learn! There are many resources out there for an average joe like myself to learn (books, internet, chat groups, THIS FORUM) and be a good trainer but still not a professional. :) I seek help whenever I need and find many new things and ways of training. I'm constantly learning and I love it. Training is a passion so I have motivation to do it. I also learn something new with each dog I train.


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Anyone can train a dog, just many choose not to! For some people its a harder concept to grasp than others as well, but anyone can if they want to. :dogsmile: