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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by hockey390, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. hockey390 New Member

    I searched hoping to find a topic on this, but I had no luck.
    How in the world do you embed a video on the forum? On YouTube it gives me the code to embed the video, but that didn't work.. Is there another way?

  2. sunshineunicorn New Member

    I was trying to do the same thing with no success.
  3. marieke New Member

    You mean embedding a youtube video in a post? If that's the case you can simply copy and paste the link in your reply.
  4. hockey390 New Member

    Embedding, not linking to. For instance, if you go to the monthly video contest, multiple submissions are embedded, meaning the video is in the post, and you click the video and it plays on your screen, versus clicking a link going to the website where your video is located.
  5. CollieMan Experienced Member

  6. hockey390 New Member

    Ok, I figured it out....
    When posting you just post the link to the video, and then highlight the link and press the M on the message options (next to bold, italics, underline, link, etc.)

    Another way to do this is by formatting your text like this:
    [ MEDIA]web link to video[ /MEDIA]

    (but without the spaces before MEDIA and /MEDIA)
  7. hockey390 New Member

    You beat me to it :msncool:
  8. marieke New Member

    All I ever do is copy and paste the link and then the video is in the post and you play it on your screen with the title next to it. I must be a natural :-) .

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