Ellie's 18 Month Video

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by CollieMan, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. CollieMan Experienced Member

    This video shows Ellie's latest video. It's a variety of scenes and situations gathered over the past few months.


  2. codysolo Experienced Member

    awww great video :D she is really clever and you can just tell how much she adores you :D :dogbiggrin:
  3. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Ellie is a perfect dog, and every video proves it. :)
    You are a great pair, she is a very lucky dog. :)
  4. snooks Experienced Member

    Wow, okay I cried. Very wonderful work. From another shy girl owner it makes my heart feel so good to see this kind of dedication and work. She also obviously absolutely trusts you. People without shy or fearful dogs may not fully appreciate how much work and how hard this was for both of you. Thanks for making my day.

    I spent all day yesterday doing relaxation training as the Canadian cold front winds wailed through our valley in the Front Range of near Denver Colorado. We're new here so the wind is a new thing too. It was so tiring after not sleeping at all the previous night too working with her. But last night as the wind picked up again with its wail that literally moves out three story house and she slept. Another small victory, but we take all of them with the same wonder.

    Great vid, great work. And what a great smile on your face when she's working.
  5. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Yes, working a timid dog is certainly a huge challenge and is extremely tiring. Such dogs invariably have very low drives and so the handler has to compensate for that in order to bring something out of the dog.

    Where most dogs will forgive handler mistakes, the timid dog isn't as forgiving. The wrong word spoken at the wrong moment or in the wrong tone, or the wrong noise made in the surrounding environment, invariably sends the timid dog back to square one, killing off weeks of work and progress with it.

    While the usual rules of training still apply to a timid dog, they have to be applied on a MUCH slower basis. If I had to apply a number to it, I'd say it's about a 3 to 1 ratio. What might take a 'normal' dog a month to learn, will take at least three months for the timid dog.

    But I will say that working a timid dog is a brilliant foundation for training other dogs. If you can bring the best out of a timid dog, training a 'normal' dog will be an absolute breeze. I home-board other dogs and I love the break of training with them. It's like having ten new gears fitted on my bike! Everything is faster and easier.

    Still, we don't get to choose how they turn out and all we can do is keep on going and building the dog's confidence through exposure to as many different situations as possible. That is why I use the fitness-ball to teach her balance and to teach her that I can always be counted on to catch her and keep her safe.
  6. snooks Experienced Member

    Interesting about the fitness ball. I spent a couple of weeks teaching my shy girl not to be afraid of mine. She'll hop up w/ front paws and get a treat off the top. Unf I can't catch her; she's too heavy and I'm mobility challenged. But incorporating it into her training with just front paws as we did before might be a great interesting new thing to spice things up a bit. Thanks for the great idea. We do calming training by distracting, redirecting to tricks and obedience. Making it new and more interesting is one of my biggest challenges and the ball would be a great new thing.

    We've been training her with freestyle and I hope soon to get her into a private freestyle class b/c she loves it. She already knows rally, agility, and obedience but freestyle seems to be the thing she just really enjoys. After being a fearful puppy I had her pretty much normal and doing agility until several things all happened at once and set her back a lot. Our older dog died, she was attacked in agility class and she and I were both hurt pretty badly, then we moved and she got very reactive. It's been a year of slow but steady progress but I found a great certified behaviorist and Karen Pryor trainer. So you are correct, the wrong thing sometimes sets off a firestorm.

    I think the biggest part of keeping her trust is I never get mad at her behavior because I know why she's doing it. A sense of humor is a requirement. You're also very right about training other dogs. My 1yo is so easy to train I feel guilty sometimes that I have few complaints.
  7. CollieMan Experienced Member

    I can't take credit for the fitness ball idea I'm afraid. I stole it from my friend, Barbi, who uses one on her smart beagle, Xsara. I also seem to recall reading about Silvia Trkman using them to help foster good balance in dogs. (Though I may heave dreamed that one up as Silvia does tend to feature in my dreams an unhealthy number of times. :))

    Having now used it for a couple of weeks, I do think it helps bolster a dog's confidence and improve balance. I see Ellie getting more and more daring on it each time it's brought out.

    Even if it's just front paws, it helps develop their rear leg muscles which leads to greater stamina in other tricks. I don't think it is any accident that since getting the ball, Ellie is able to stand for longer periods of time on her rear legs, or maintain a beg position for longer durations.
  8. dilkara New Member

    Amaxing video. You have a wonderful dog there and you can clearly see she dotes on you. she's a lucky and clever girl!
  9. codysolo Experienced Member

    Sylvia does use the ball :) I did a lot of ball work with Solo as a pup and balance disk work aswell. I think it has helped no end with his balance and knowing that he has 4 legs :msngiggle: it has reminded me actually that i need a new ball after some puppy teeth had their way with the old one :dogrolleyes:

    meant to ask how did you teach the jump into arms? always wanted to teach solo and cody this but best i can get is a jump up (maybe it has something to do with my reputation of awful hand eye co ordination :dogblink: )
  10. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Surprisingly, to me at least, this is the one I get asked about the most, and yet it really was one of the easiest to teach.

    This video shows the exact same method I used to teach Ellie.


    Hope it helps.
  11. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    I just loved the video and yes -it brought a tear to my eye too. She has done so well and you are obviously a great trainer - she's a credit to you.

    I've tentatively tried using my fitness ball (which doesn't get any use from me!) in training - I've always been terrified Milo will burst it!

  12. codysolo Experienced Member

    ok thanks will give it a go tomorrow see how it goes :D
  13. storm22 Experienced Member

    great vid collieman, ellie really trust you, yous have a good relationship there,
  14. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lovely vid CollieMan. Ellie has really blossomed--in physical appearance, confidence, and so many other aspects. You've done a wonderful job with her thusfar and I always enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work. :)
  15. stormi Well-Known Member

    Great video collieman. It looks like you have a great bond with your dog, and she is such a super little girl.

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