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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by fly30, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. fly30 Experienced Member

    Venus is a 11 months old border collie who joined our family one month ago. She's quite stuborn lol ! She went to puppy school when she was very young but nobody continued any education with her. So we start again, I would not say from zero but almost.

    I decided to take her outside, just me and her (so I left Fly at home). Venus was happy to be taken care of and, with only two sessions, I can notice significant progress.

    Sorry, my comments are in French on the video. However, I thought it could be useful.

    and just for fun, this is Fly, just an hour later

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  2. Dogster Honored Member

    Venus is doing great!!!! She has a fantastic stay!!!:D I love Fly's skateboard trick!!! It looks like she has a bombproof stay and come!!:)
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Venus is doing really well!!!!!!!!!!!:)(y):love: Fly is amazing, her skate boarding is too cute for words and I LOVE the way she 'chat's to you!:love: I agree Dogster, Fly does look as if her stay and come is bombproof!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
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  4. fly30 Experienced Member

    Thanks for them. Venus has only been with us for one month so I'm just starting building a relationship. I'm very proud of her. She's very different from Fly. I can't afford to give her something for free because she will take advantage. With Venus, everything has to be negociated. A very clever and lovely little dog.

    Fly is just my twin ;) We have a solid relationship. She always chats during tricks :)
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