Earth Hour Tonight!


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For those of you who like to think green:
Tonight Earth Hour 2008 will be taking place to raise awareness of energy conservation. Every person, in every time zone, is encouraged to turn off all their lights and nonessential power draws (computers too!) for one hour between 8p and 9p (your local time zone).
There are plenty of fun things to do in the dark. You could have dinner by candlelight (but be sure not to leave burning candles unattended) or teach the dog something new. If you live in an area with streetlights, you could take your dog for a walk.
So, tonight, I'll be turning off all my lights, TV, and computer, and unplugging my cell phone charger. I'm going to cuddle with Link, maybe see how well our hide and seek game works when he has to rely on scent, rather than sight. Most importantly, we'll all see how easy it is to conserve energy every night, and that yes, it is possible to survive an hour without our favorite tv shows and message boards!
This post is short notice for those in the UK or later time zones, but I hope many of you participate! I know I will!


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I am late to read this notice...
It's about midnight here (yeah, still at the computer...:msnblushing:).