Durable Dog Toys - any ideas


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One of my Aussies loves to have a "stuffed" toy with her. Doesn't have to be plush exactly but something stuffed. Trouble is she likes to chew them and rips them apart in no time. She especially goes with a vengence after eyes and noses!! Are there any out there that will stand up to chewing?? A friend said she had found some made from "firehose" material I think but not sure where to find something like that. Any ideas??


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Did you ever try the AKC dog toys. I got a squirrel for my husky and he loves it.
There are different kinds, rabbits,ducks,hedgehogs...etc


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You can find the firehose toys anywhere from the higher end pet stores to department store pet departments. We tried a few with our coonhound, and they did last a good bit longer but even they fall victim to her destruction. We now use them as rewards and special occasions


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Thanks for the good ideas. Yes we are firm believers in Kongs but it is the "stuffed" type we are trying to find. Lori


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Forget the fire hose the seamed ends are very easy to destroy and an expensive way to learn. I recently posted similar on another forum. Here's the the take away with other comments.

They now make a harder black kong which does show up on x-rays. The only harder to destroy toy is a solid rubber ball or toy; or I found some rubber "rocks." Nothing with edges or corners. A crescent wrench the same hardness as the rock was destructed. Fire hoses, sqwuggies, and such are not as strong and will destruct.

I would also echo RW with the raw bones but only huge knuckles that ur dog can't get between jaws, these non weight bearing non long bones are less brittle but as with any bone supervision is necessary. Some hard chewers are just too rough on raw bones some chew more softly - the only way to know is to try. (NO sliced knuckles, just whole)

other posters suggested the dog brick, tug jug, and buster cube. There are also now ropeless tug jugs, treat sticks are supposed to be harder than black kongs. I also like the galileo's they suggested.

right now the only ones i trust un supervised that I have personally used are red or black kongs, galieleos, and buster cubes. Maybe someone knows personally about the others. Good luck, I am purchasing some toys on line today and will update this when I see what I get. I have an uber chewer that more exercise def helps. Can you get two or hopefully more hours of hard running or herding work for these two a day?


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If it is specifically a soft, fabric stuffed toy I'm not sure there is much that can't be destroyed? Storm loves a soft toy with her to carry round, but if she leaves it unattended my puppy will run in a tear it apart. I havent solved the problem, but rather than buy new toys I bought a job lot of cheap socks. When the puppy shreds the toy I pick up the stuffing and recycle it by shoving it into a sock and tying the end. It's been cheaper than keeping going to the charity shop for new stuffed toys.

Some fabric materials are tougher, but I find my puppy still tears them apart in no time. I've tried quite a few plastic type toys for my puppy and she still rips them apart in no time...snooks...thanks for the recommendations...I may look into purchasing some of them after Xmas!