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:)hi there and a warm welcome to you,looking forward to some pics of your babe,love labradoodles:love:
Have fun training your babe(y)


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Hello and welcome to the forums:)

I suggest some really cute tricks - to keep your labradoodle occupied and your friends entertained. Have a look on this site - if he's already learned the basics (sit/lie/stand/paw) then you could teach him a trick like the BANG BANG BANG trick - it's super cute but takes a bit of training - just search for the tricks 'limp', 'crawl' and 'play dead'. One your dog knows them tell him to 'limp bang' - reward if he limps then 'crawl bang' reward if he crawls then ' play dead bang' and reward if he plays dead. After some practice and always doing it in the same order you'll be able to say Bang - dog limps, Bang, dog crawls, Bang, dog plays dead;) It's super cute, especially if you get out a pretend gun and pretend to shoot at your dog whilst saying Bang.

This forum has loads of tricks for you to try - so you definitely won't run out. I love labradoodles by the way - I can't wait for you to post some pics:love: