Dta Withdrawal


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So, as some of you may know, my computer had a virus and was in the shop for a while. I had to get some files off of it for school, so I used a flash drive....lucky me, the files I needed for school happened to be some of the ones that were affected. Found that out after spreading the virus to every computer in my immediate family. Whoops. :oops: SO, I have been computerless for what seems like forever, and therefore away from DTA. Thought I would share with you how I went through DTA withdrawals so you other addicts know what to expect should you be faced with a welcome(or unwelcome) DTA intervention. ;)

1) You may experience a sudden need to flood conversations with random dog experiences.
*Note: Coworkers may now refer to you as "The Weird Dog Lady" and avoid all contact with you.
2) Any time someone mentions their dog you may latch onto them and babble their ears off with inquiries and discussion about training and behavior, much like a recovering alcoholic may suck a bottle dry without realizing it.
*Note: This may also contribute to your new nickname.
3) Random occurrences may bring thoughts of, "OH I HAVE TO TELL [insert DTA friend's name here]!" followed by small periods of depression for missing these friends.
4) You may experience some drooling and anxiety when you come in contact with a computer, as well as temptation if that computer happens to be at work. This may be followed by frustration upon discovering that the work computers do not allow navigation to such websites.
5) Any new tricks or events pertaining to dogs may make you feel like you are going to burst without telling someone...
*Return to #1 and go through all of this again.
6) You have now officially become known as "The Weird Dog Lady" to all coworkers and friends, as well as a small percentage of the general public.

:D:p:ROFLMAO::coffee::eek:(y):DI'M BACK!!!!! :D(y):eek::coffee::ROFLMAO::p:D


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.. and I thought I was weird because I get extremely angry when my husband sits at the PC in the morning - blocking my catch-up reading.
I am not alone ... ! :)


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:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:LOL,hubby aint to impressed with me forever being on these dog forums,so have to grab every second that I can get,totally understand you!! I really try not to harp on about my boy to friends that havent got a dog,but you just cant help it,can ya :LOL: I love dog and dog training/obedience/behaviour talk,just nobody wants to hear it anymore,including hubby :ninja::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


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PS I'm already known as the weird dog lady, I dont need to go through dog forum withdrawls to get that nickname! LOL

I'm glad you're back! We've had alot of interesting discussions that I wish you'd been part of!


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TX!! YOU ARE BACK!!! YAY!!! (doing cartwheels of joy)

HA HA, I LAUGHED SO HARD at the words you wrote, about signs of DTA withdrawal!!! HOW ARE YOUR DOGS DOING?? What have they been up to lately???


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is true, though, we dog lovers, do try to insert dog stories into 'normal' conversations, with ppl who are not that interested, or can't fully appreciate it, that this or that happened, ha ha!! and they will look at us weird, ha ha!! Tx, you described it SOOOoo well!!!



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Watch out - hubbies can get jealous ;) After all our dogs are our biggest fans. They even love our stinking feet!
:ROFLMAO:thank god he aint the jealous type,he just cannot understand why there is so much that to talk about a dog,"Who would be on there this time then?? Have they got nothing better to do than talking about dogs??What do you all find to talk about every day??"
:whistle::whistle: is there anything better to talk about? :LOL::LOL::LOL:
I slip things in conversations,hoping nobody ll notice that YET AGAIN I m talking about Dodge,dear oh dear :ROFLMAO::LOL::love:


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If you have kids AND a dog it becomes problematic.

The other mums talk about their kids experiences at the park - and I pipe up "Yeah, the other day when I went to the park Smokey blah blah blah ..."
Then they talk nutrition. My response: "Strange that your child doesn't like carrots, even my dog likes them. And he loves to eat blah blah blah .."
Then it comes to toilet training. Mums are proud because their child did poo on the toilet and my response is "Yes, my dog now scratches at the door when he needs to do his business."
Mums quickly change the topic to how fast their children grow and I say: "The other day I had to get a bigger collar for my dog."
Then they talk about how hard it is to go shopping when they have the kids with them. My response: "My dog isn't even allowed in the shops so I have to leave him in the car."

The list goes on and on ... I just don't understand why all these mums turn the other way when I approach :D


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Hahaha Ina I know where youre coming from. An 'acquaintance' posted on my fb a while ago that I posted about my horses and dog more than Riley lol oops, didnt know it was that obvious. Im like ooooh Riley is just doing normal baby things... but BLADE! omg! blah blah blah


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Welcome back, Tx!! I've wondered where you've been!!! You have SOOOO much catching up to do, holy smokes! One thread I even said I was sure you'd add something (whatever it was, can't remember now, but it seems it was up your alley), then said hmmm, where's Tx -- someone said they thought you had finals (that was a long time ago), I was thinkin' that must be SOME final, it's taking FOREVER!!

Start reading -- loads and loads of threads to read, we need your 2 cents added all over the place! :p

Ina, I totally get you - I have no kids (well, do 'kids' with 4 feet count??), and I've had those same conversations, you can sure clear a room in a hurry, huh? :LOL: I figure I've had to listen to stories all about their kids forever, go to birthday parties, etc, - they can sit thru a few dog stories. :D
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LOL I am very much the same, always bringing dogs or horses into conversations. Once I brought Mud to my job(dogs allowed, but not on the clock), and my friend/coworker wanted to see if she could get her to do some tricks. Mud did whatever she asked as my non-dog loving boss walked up. After a short rant about not being a dog person, he asked Mud to do the same things. Mud looked at him as though to say, "Are you kidding me? After what you just said? Bleh..." and refused to do anything for him, totally gave him to cold shoulder. Really funny, especially since few people are fond of this guy.
I'm constantly showing pictures of my pets like proud parents/grandparents show off pictures of their (grand)children. I'm sure everyone at work refers to me as the dog lady when I'm not around, haha!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!! Reveuse, from my phone I can only post on profiles, nothing in the forums, and it has trouble doing that. O_o

Been playing vet lately. One of my horses got herself into some trouble and ripped her shoulder open. Horses are like kids; if there is something to get into they WILL get into it. After a vet visit, she came home and we had to keep it draining, give her shots, keep it clean, etc. She's much better now, but still has some healing to do.
Mud and Z are doing well. No new tricks yet, although I did get Mud to untie Dad's shoes the other day. :ROFLMAO:

Lol Jackie, I'm trying to get caught up! Lol, missing just a few days here leaves a lot to catch up on, and I've missed much more that that! Lots of reading to do. ^^