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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Dlilly, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Dlilly Honored Member

    I don't like this show, and I don't like the trainer... He calls a leash correction a 'cue'…. I just heard about this online, and I've watched a few of the episodes online too. (I don't have TV)
    There are situations where he could have been all positive, and he wasn't.

    What do you think about the show, do it like it or dislike it? What do you think about his training method?

  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Got the "Video Expired" message:( We don't get the show here but from the little you've said I don't think I like the sound of the trainer and hope his show isn't aired here. Too may 'bad' trainers around here already, don't need any more.
  3. sara Moderator

    I cant watch online either, as I'm in the wrong country, but I've read articles and such.... guy's a CM and BP wannabe rolled into one and is harsh and unfair.
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    OUCH!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely do NOT like him at all!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't imagine a worse trainer. Please may the Gods of T.V. Programming over here decide NOT to show his show!

    CM is bad enough, don't need another one on t.v.!:mad:
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  5. Dogster Honored Member

    I totlly agree. He's just a CM and BP wannabe. They're just adding more negative reinforcement to t.v.:rolleyes::mad: It's all just pissing me off.
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    Needs someone somewhere who is a Positive Reinforcement Trainer and a good t.v. 'personality type' AND GOOD CREDENTIALS to make a show! I agree Dogster it has EXACTLY the same effect on me!:mad:
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  7. Adrianna & Calvin Experienced Member

    I think the guy's a dope. I forget what made me turn the show off one night, the second one I'd seen, but it was some disingenuous bit of nonsense and I was disgusted. Nothing cruel, like Millan or Pattinson, but I'm just sick of stupid advice being dispensed, and I've had it with euphemisms (such as "cue" as you pointed out). Besides, the show just stunk in some ways. One "case" was of a family who worried that their dog was too fat, they went to the vet and saw the dog was a healthy weight. Seriously, that was one of the cases.

    He does use food and treats in training in some cases.
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  8. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I watched it a couple times (and haven't bothered since), was all excited that a new dog training show was coming on -- what a disappoinment. It's true, he's a wannabe (of some sort). It's clearly more for entertainment than any kind of educational purposes. He's def not as harsh as CM or BP, and has his own vocabulary, uses food, but uses leash pops, etc. He's just got his own mix of whatever will get the job done quickly and look good in front of the camera, and he's into being "cute". Save it for someone who cares. I'd more like to see good, solid + reinforcment dog training going on, so that people can learn that it can be done, instead of more of the same old junk. For those of you who can't view it, you're not missing anything.
  9. 648117 Honored Member

    They just started showing this TV show here, I think they are up to the third episode.

    I agree that he doesn't use positive methods enough and would get better results if he did. And some of the cases were just a bit stupid and had little to do with behaviour or training (eg the dog they thought was fat but wasn't, and the bulldog that was treated like a human baby but was otherwise well behaved).
    His training methods don't seem great and most of the cases he helps with are things that most people will never need help with (eg, letting a blind dog meet other dogs, or retiring a police dog), although I guess that is good as it means less people will be able to try it at home.

    I was pleased that a few people (eg, my mum and a couple of her friends) have asked my personal opinion on the program :) and have actually listened when I explain why I think it isn't very good and they have so far understood and agreed with me :D
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  10. Dlilly Honored Member

    Jackienmutts, you described him perfectly!

    He calls himself the 'Dog Guru' which I think is so lame. He also acts like he is already a well known trainer. I hope he never becomes famous. I know that sounds mean....

    One episode was about a dog that wanted to only be walked by the husband, and not the wife. He put on a martingale collar and said it wasn't a choke chain, but he was using corrections so I think it is just as bad... He just had her use corrections and then the dog was 'fixed'. What the woman should have done was to create a bond with the dog, start caring for the dog, then to walk him while giving him treats so walking with her is fun. Most of the problems are small, and he figures out a way to be negative with each one.

    I think he has some webshows on YouTube.... You can try googling 'dogs in the city Justin Silver'
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