Dogs coming up with their own tricks!


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I am sure others on here have probably seen this. It took me totally by surprise when Skye did this.

I was getting ready to have the kids (4 legged) do their tricks. I was going to have Skye lay down. Before I could finish the command, she laid down, belly crawled to me and looked at me soooo excited as if to say "look, see what I did". I was taken back a little, so thought I would test her. I took the treat, made up a signal and said 'crawl' there she goes again! I was shocked! I tried several times through the day, even showed my sister when she got off work!

Skye was just so pleased with herself, looking at me as if to say, see, I get it! LOL I am beginning to wonder who is training who!


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Rupert came up with one of his own at obedience class a while back. We were doing a sit stay and because of him absolutely hating one of other dogs in our group I was literally right in front of him. He suddenly placed both front paws on my stomach and stayed that way for the rest of the stay. He kept on doing it anytime I had him sit in front of me so I got it on command. It looks like he's begging me for something lol. He'll sit and wave both front paws around if he can't reach me with them. I can't look at him in a sit stay otherwise I burst out laughing and he breaks the stay to come and party with me.


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Lol. ^^ Mudflap's a master at this. She tends to think outside the times I think she doesn't even realize there is a box to think outside of. xD She's pretty creative. She always gives some kind of Mudflap twist to her tricks.


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Pami makes up almost all of our tricks now.
Since I do a lot more shaping now, she can use her creativity. This is how I got turning while in a bow, picking up a ball and throwing it away, and I could make a pretty long list here. :)


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I was trying something new with my Golden Retriever, Bailey and put one of his biscuits in one of my hands and closed both of my fists to see if he could smell which hand it was in. To my suprise he put his paw on the correct hand and has been doing it "his way" ever since.