Dogs and Cats...


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Well, for the last week or a little longer, one of the neighbors cats has been coming and visiting the dogs. I first found this out when Sonny and the girls were making a racket, and then all of a sudden, silence. They were doing their usual wrestling with Nell barking. After about 15 minutes if silence, I was wondering what was going on. I looked over the couch and out the window, and Nell and Sonny were laying by the fence. So I thought that maybe they were just taking a break. Then about 15 minutes later, still, silence. So I had to investigate. Low and behold, Nell and Sonny were laying next to the fence, and the neighbors cat was laying on the other side of the fence, lol. It's great, they all get along really good. Here's some pics.....



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Lol so cute. Mudflap and Benelli(my kitten) are good friends too...they loooove playing together. Mud wanted so badly to play with our last cat, but he was pretty intimidated. He'd play for a little while but wasn't comfortable playing for long. But Mud and Elli just go together like peanut butter and jelly. Both love to roughhouse, and especially with each other.

I'm quite smitten with Sonny; he's so pretty. ^^ I'm surprised that kitty doesn't climb the fence or squeeze through the gate for a visit. Lol.


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I have a feeling that my dogs would both have liked to retrieve the kitty and slobbery kitty might not have enjoyed it quite so much. So sweet. Great socialization op. !!


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LOL, how funny. I'm pretty certain the kitty wouldn't have stuck around my fence very long as my BC, Ace would of made sure of that, lol.
Cute pictures. So nice when they can just all get along and enjoy each other. The kitty even looks happy :) Thanks for sharing, made me smile.