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    Have you heard of Dognition? It sound pretty cool. It's supposed to give you insight on your dog's strategies to problem solving (mostly). I want to buy it but right now I can't because of money, but maybe someday I will n.n.
    You can download a sample profile to check what kind of things it will say in your dog's report.
    It is also amazing because you get to be part of the study they're conducting.
    It was recommended on Victoria Stilwell's page. Check her article about it! (Also, make sure that if you want to but it, check this article first. You get a discount!)
    Is any of you a member of this?

    Also, reading the sample report, I realized my dog has an extraordinary memory. Yesterday we had a particular "incident". My dog likes cat food, and I'm training him not to eat it. But, my kitty is only 45 days old so he can't reach places my dog can't, yet. Winston and I decided to get a little walk before dinner, so I set the kitty's dish on my room (and he saw it) just before we left and we went for a walk. We were away for at least 15-20 minutes, but when we got back my dog darted to the kitty's dish, even though he couldn't see it from the door. Also there is no chance he located it from smell, because the kitty's dish is always filled and on a table just over the place the dish was located. Therefore it was most likely from memory.
    So, from what I gather from the sample report, it's quite an extraordinary memory.
    Does your dog have any special quality like this? Please share!
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    No thank you for posting.:) It looks very interesting and from what I've read, makes a good deal of sense.

    Am considering purchasing, but it's a bit pricey, so may wait until I can find more about it.

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