Doggie Doors for screen doors.


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So i'm working night shift now, always worry if buddy needs out if i am sleeping in the day time....and so we splurged on a doggie door. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS!! We got one that fits into a screen door. IT'S AWESOME!!!

Of course, after we ordered it, we found one online that is cheaper and maybe sturdier, but ours wasn't too bad. And as i am posting this, i see below how to make one from scratch!! Took Buddy all of two minutes to figure it out.

Works great!! Get one!! If it's pouring rain, we don't use it, we close the glass door, so we can "catch him" coming in to dry him off.

Cute enuff, today i shampooed Mr. Buddy, and wanted him to dry outdoors, so i don't get that wet-dog smell on the was warm and sunny. So we finished the bath, (he got in by hisself first time ever today! WOOHOO! :msnparty:) and i brought him outside all wet.

Then i had to go back in the house, and closed the glass door behind me, and i came back out 15 minutes later, and you woulda thought Buddy had been abandoned!! He kinda almost whimpered, and licked me, and squeezed up next to me, like "Why'd i get shut out here ? What'd i do wrong?" :dogohmy:

goodness sake!
He's so used to that pet door being open all the time, he felt half rejected to have the glass door closed!!:dogrolleyes: But it's nice, Buddy is out there a lot by himself, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, and watching the hood, playing with his outside toys.. It's great!!