Dog Tricks are 'Better than TV'


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An eight-year-old dog is amazing her owners and neighbours with an astonishing array of tricks.

Cindy, a pedigree cavalier King Charles spaniel, can balance objects on all four paws while lying down.

She can also keep a golf ball in a spoon held in her mouth while balancing objects on her head.

Proud owner Mark Bucknell, from Wednesfield, in the West Midlands, said: "Who needs the telly when you've got a dog like this?"

He said the family started teaching Cindy tricks when they took her in as an eight-month old.
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It's great to see a 'non smart' breed.
And 'get them young enough' - got her at 8 months! I don't think that is incredibly young. :p

I'm sending this to all my cav friends now!


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Dumb mutt lol.

You don't "get" a dog intelligence - it has it already - it's whether you're willing to channel it or not that's the big issue as far as I'm concerned. Still that dog can do some pretty interesting things.