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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by dat123, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. dat123 Experienced Member

    I saw a new tv show advertised on ET for American's ( and possibly Canadians ) about dogs doing tricks !!!

    It's called "Greatest American Dog " , it's a reality show contest with 12 dogs competing for $ 250,000.

    I can't get it in Australia ( maybe in a couple of years : ( so sad ).
    It's on CBS, and I think it started on 10th July.

    Here is a website for those who can't get the show on tv...

    Also some videos on YouTube...

    If some of our American members on the DTA could watch, and tell us more about it, I know I'd be very interested.:msnohyes:

  2. cinetech New Member

    I like Tillman to win!
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Looks interesting! Thanks for posting! :dogsmile:
  4. lotuslily New Member

    I heard about this show too!. It looks interesting, I think the premiere was on last night.. hmm. something to download.. :) It's too bad Kiera doesn't like watching television.:dogwacko:
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I missed last night's premiere, but I'll be watching the rest of the episodes. ^^ I don't watch much TV, but I've been looking forward to that one since I saw the commercials about it 3 weeks ago. xD I'll keep everyone updated. :dogsmile:
  6. driven New Member

    Awesome! Thank you! I will definitely have to check that out!:dogbiggrin:
  7. yoyopoodle Well-Known Member

    I watched it, lol. It looks like fun, if the owner/dog have the right attitude... it seems that most of the small dogs/owners are 'filler' :( No disrespect meant...

    Here are my comments from an email list I'm on:

    I really like the fact that handlers can use treats through-out and a lot of
    emphasis is put on the bond, and the judges prefer for a dog to just stand there
    rather than be forced into something.

    It looks like an awesome experience for someone who is truly there to have a
    good time with their dog... I think there should be opportunities for everyone
    who would like to, to have that experience. No cameras, no prize money, just
    living as a group with a bunch of strangers and their dogs for a few weeks and
    navigating a wide range of training challenges.

    ... Soooo - who's going to win? LOL The guy with 9 dogs (has the Pointer/BC? on
    the show) seems like the most accomplished trainer, though I don't really like
    his attitude. Tillman and his owner are handling it much better, but I don't
    know if they'll be able to hold-up skill-wise. The lady with the Giant Schnauzer
    has a chance, but I personally don't like how she was handling her dog during
    the interviews/free-time.
    Overall, I think the guy with the Boxer pup have the attitude and ability to
    learn quickly and do very well.
    Where are Kyra and Chalcy? I thought they were going to be on..

    PS, I heard the producers had a hell of a time finding small dogs whose owners
    were willing to live with large dogs they didn't know...
  8. calichis New Member

    I think Preston, who is a small dog has a great chance. He seems well trained and responsive to his owner, who also has a great attitude.
  9. blisandt New Member

    I was glad they talked to one of the owners about NOT forcing her dog into a position.. even a sit.... I hope she shows she heard them and does better - even if her dog does not - next week.

  10. gardengirl Well-Known Member

    I thought the show was pretty good and fun to watch. I was really glad that Victoria Stilwell keeps on them about using positive reinforcement rather than negative. Cute show! Hopefully the contestants will not all start bickering like in other reality shows. Let's keep it about the dogs!
  11. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Ugh. I was terribly disappointed with the show. The Jack Russel, Elvis, knows nothing and his owner is not at all a trainer. I think those two were accepted simply because they needed another dog on the show.
    The woman with the Giant Schnauzer is ridiculous. Her training is awful and she treats her dog badly. Bill, the man with Star the spaniel, is good. I like him. He is calm, relaxed, laid back, and above all else he seems to enjoy spending time with his dog. He doesn't get agitated, frustrated, impatient, or pushy. Even when she doesn't win a challenge, he praises her and pets her and is proud. And Tillman. I love that dog, he has a hilarious personality. His owner seems to really have a good connection with him, but I'm not sure about his training abilities as I haven't seen much. The boxer does a great job, but not sure about her trainer. He didn't do a bad job with her yesterday necessarily, but he seems to get wrapped up in winning and loses focus on his normal training methods. Overall, the majority of the trainers were...well, awful. The show itself was a bit cheesy I thought. And for a show called Greatest American Dog...well, I was unimpressed. I understand that the dogs are very distracted--new environment, people, dogs, etc. But why enter a show called Greatest American Dog if your dog is not ready for it? We all know that the most dedicated trainers who really want a well-trained dog spend the time getting their dog used to all kinds of environments. Most of these people don't seem to have done any of that...
    Honestly, I don't know that I'll be watching again.
  12. 4bella New Member

    I would like to see this show but,unfortunatly,my satellite provider does not offer my local CBS channel :msncry:(some dispute between dish network and local channel over money)Thanks for the web site "Driven"! I will watch the show there.:doghappy:

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