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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jean Cote, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Jean Cote Administrator

    The idea of this fabulous website was founded in January 2006. I have always dreamed of a peaceful and positive dog training community. My personal objectives are to contribute to society with my knowledge and determination and to strive for a better understanding of human and dog relationships. I believe in harmony, peace and love. May this website help you in any way possible!

    I will adhere to the following;

    1. Academy is to remain free of use to everybody.

    2. Only positive (no force) training techniques are to be taught.

    3. The dog(s) must adore and enjoy the training exercise(s).

    4. Offer unconditional respect to other members.

    5. Preserve an unprejudiced attitude towards other perspectives.

    6. Graciously assist other members in need.

    7. Keep it fun!

    Thank you for supporting this virtual cyberspace; it is my new home.

  2. lonewolf Guest

    Hi Jean
    thanks so much for this site. I am very curious as to where you are from and how you came about thinking abouit putting up this wonderful site. What motivated you and are you a trainer by proffession ?
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi lonewolf!

    Thanks for the compliment on the website! I've built this website because my dogs have given me so much, and I wanted to give back to other dog owners.

    I got my first dog as a puppy three years ago, and as many new owners, didn’t really know what I was getting myself into! I brought her to a dog training school and fell in love with training my own dog. I trained her constantly for two years and worked my way up the agility course.

    Doing agility was fun, but trialing wasn’t. So I thought about new ways of training my dog and quickly started training my dogs to do dog tricks. I just loved the idea that you can get your dog to do a specific trick, without telling him what to do; it’s all action-reaction.

    Then I thought to myself, well if this is so easy to do, how come all dog owners don’t do it? And I figured that they didn’t know how, so I decided to build this website to show them how to do it. I’m not the most knowledgeable dog trainer around, but I certainly am learning every day! So hopefully, if I am successful in my attempt to help other dog owners out there, they will be able to train their own dog to do whatever they want them to do. :)
  4. maukoal New Member

    Hi Jean,
    I found your website while searching for answers on training my little man, Maui, I have 4 friends in all. Dakota- my first best friend is a 6 year old aussie shepard who has thankfully survived 3 years of valley fever, and 3 year old ABBEYGAIL, my 3 year old aussie mix - 2 time mommie, and my 2 boys maui and charkoal who are 1 year old. and from Abbey's first boys, they are all the best. i'm having alot of trouble with maui - we didn't have any trouble until we moved in to our apartment, now when he sees people outside he goes crazy barking and tring to get to them, i try to take him out when i hope no one is out, i have no idea what to do. i'm so worried someone will complain and i don't want to give him up, i hope you can give me some great advice
    Best Wishes to you and Everyone who find comfort on your website.
    Thank You :)
  5. l_l_a New Member

    hi, I just found this site. I love the video lessons! very professionally done, please keep doing more (no pressure!) :)
  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :) I try to release one every week, if I have time I'll do two. So with time this website will be packed with dog tricks! :)
  7. dj1983 Guest

    Oh my gosh!! I was actually browsing around the internet looking for a professional dog trainer, and ran across your website. This is absolutely amazing. I'm so impressed. My name is Desirae, and just to give you a little back ground on my beautiful dog Kujo, he was badly abused. Kujo is only 7 or 8 months old, and he is quite simply my baby. I saw his previous owner beating him with a belt or leash in the back of a pick up truck, after that Kujo was thrown from the back of the pick up to the ground. (yes all authorities were called) I adopted Kujo and brought him into my life. Its taken some time but now he is a happy go lucky puppy and more then willing to please. I have wanted to get him trained, some easy obidence (I know I misspelled that) tricks. Trainers were asking for almost 1,000 dollars to get him trained. I just didn't have that kind of money. I just wanted to thank you for your website. I can not beileve that you offer this free. Thank you so much, You have really made this easy. Too top it off - Kujo is sitting on command now, and I only started training him on this one week ago!! He is picking this up really fast. Thank you!!!
  8. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi Dj1983! I guess that makes you 24? ;)

    Glad to hear that you like the website! It's definitely not finished yet, but I'm working on it! It's pretty cool that you saved that dog a lifetime of abuse, especially since he was so young, and he's going to be so much more loyal to you because of that.

    Training dogs is easy, once you understand the theory behind it, it's all about being in the moment! :) And yours sounds like a very smart puppy! What breed is he?

    Have fun training him! And you'll like training even more when you start training tricks :)
  9. l_l_a New Member

    Dj1983 - OMG, that poor puppy! I will never understand how people can do things like that to animals, it makes me so mad. I hope his previous owners face the consequences. He is so lucky you were there to rescue him.

    it sounds like he's doing great now! but trainers demanding $1000 to teach basic obedience?? that's crazy! Was it one of those "board and train" programs? actually a trainer did quote me $800 but I said no and went elsewhere!
  10. dj1983 Guest


    Kujo is a mix breed I just took him to the vet and they said he was a Lab/German Shepherd mix, and he sat on command at the vet! Previously I was only working with him on that command at the apartment, which has no distractions but there were three other dogs there and a bunch of people! I was so impressed with him. He is still very nervous around males, but he acts great around me, I just need to introduce him to more males and hopefully he'll come around.

    In answer to the question about the Trainers it was someone who would drive to my place and train Kujo, it was suppose to be a 5 week course, with training in the basic commands (sit, lay, etc) and leash training. He said it would cost me 1,000 for this package. I just couldn't do that.

    But he is doing great with this training that I have found here, and I'm definetly going to recommend this site to all my friends that have dogs!!!:cool:

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