Dog Sunglasses?

Discussion in 'Dog Products' started by tigerlily46514, May 22, 2009.

  1. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Okay, i just came across dog sunglasses online.

    Do dogs like these? :dogph34r: Seems it'd help keep junk outa their eyes...:msncool:
    Anyone use these? Did your dog like them?

    I mean, i'd only put them on him when i am with him, in the boat. Are these safe? Good idea, terrible idea?

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I honestly think they're useless and ridiculously overpriced...but cute on some dogs, lol. If you're concerned with things getting in his eyes, you could always just buy some dog eyedrops and give them a good rinse after a lake day. :)
  3. lexio2 New Member

    i think my dogs would never submit to wearing a pair and would paw them off their heads. they're not very useful if they don't wear them.
  4. montsterdog Well-Known Member

    I got a pair of Doggles for my dog because she has a problem with her eye and was always squinting in the sun. She did not mind them too much and they fit her great but I never ended up putting them on her when we were out and about. However, I think they'd be great for taking your dog on a 4 wheeler or on a boat to use them as protection. Or if you like to let your dog stick their head out of the window while driving :dogcool:.

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