Dog Starved To Death For "art"

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by felicity, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. felicity New Member

    Please sign this petition!!!

    This poor dog was starved to death because the artist thought it was a good piece of artwork!!!

    This is absolutely awful and should never be done again!!

    not to sure of the link is going to work but please give it ago!!!

  2. makakoa New Member

    This "art" was first noted in October of 2007. It is unclear whether or not the dog was allowed to suffer. Go to for more information. In any event, the petition is probably not going to change anything at this point. Hopefully, questions from the World Society for the Protection of Animals will have made other museum directors more cognizant of international opinion, and this sort of "art" will be prohibited in future. (If indeed there was actual animal cruelty occurring--see Snopes article for known details.)
  3. makakoa New Member

  4. storm22 Experienced Member

    thats a horrible thing isnt it, i saw it last year i think, i cant believe people didnt let him off, i would of let him go and have taken him home with me
  5. szecsuani Experienced Member

    This is just horrible, what people can do to dogs.
    And it's even worse that other people who knew about it didn't do anything to stop him.
  6. puppygirl100200 New Member

    Omg that is just plain CRUEL. Poor dog... that is wrong and cruel. who would do such a thing. that is as bad as dog fights. they starve and beat dogs till aggression that is sooooo disgusting people like that should be put into jail. they wouldn't think that if they were the poor dog. I love dogs and I belive dogs should be treated like equals to humans,
  7. tenniskitty Experienced Member

    That's awful...
  8. puppygirl100200 New Member


    Dogs shouldn't be abused like that. it makes me sad seeing a dog treated so cruelly what was on that DEMENTED FREAK'S mind Murder? Its just plain cruel. V.V its totally cruel:msncry:

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