Dog stands instead of begs


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I am trying to train my yorkie to beg, but every time i give the beg signal, he stands up on his hind legs and hops around. I have even tried luring him back into a beg position. What can I do to ensure a beg instead of a stand?


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Tank had this trouble at first. Are you standing when you give the command? Perhaps if you sit down in front and keep the treat low, she'll keep her butt on the ground. :)

Good luck!

Jean Cote

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At this stage of training, you should be luring and not signaling your dog.

Make sure that you begin the exercise while your dog is in a sit position. Then try lowering your treat so that it is just above eye level, if you bring the treat too high then he will have no choice but to go up on his legs to get it.


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yeah i had storm in a sit and just put it in front of his nose and draged it up till he begged and rewarded so he got used to the idea of just sitting he was a bigger dog than yours but i did the same with luka but i had to sit on the ground with him as he started standing too