Dog jumping up on my back and staying on my hunched back as I'm kneeling down!

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by dantesboy, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. dantesboy New Member

    How do I teach that?
    Should I do it using shaping?
    I'm thinking of getting someone to place him on my back., make him stay... then I would click and treat as he is holding on himself.... Then add a motion with my clicker as a target to get him to jump up on my back... click and treat for all attempts, then click when he stays and then click for length of time he stays there... then add the word cue and then practice until I can use either....

    That';s my plan^^

    Any other ideas?:dogbiggrin:

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Start with you on your stomach on the floor, and have someone lure the dog onto your back. They may be apprehensive to get on your back, so at first click and treat for just a paw on your back and eventually ask for more. Don't add a command yet, as you are just trying to get him to feel comfortable there for now.

    From there, you can go to perhaps being on all fours and luring the dog onto your back. Progress until you can hunch over and ask for the dog to jump onto your back. If you have someone put him on your back he won't learn anything because he won't understand that he is expected to jump onto your back. It's a rather easy trick to teach. I'm sure there's some tutorial vids on YouTube that you could probably find. I would recommend subscribing to the classroom to help you learn about luring and shaping.

    Kyra Sundance also has a great book called '101 Dog Tricks' that explains many tricks similar to this.
  3. dantesboy New Member

    That's a great Idea about the lying down first. But I'm planning to make him get on my back by making him target something over my shoulder and just shape it...Like every attempt to jump up on my back would be rewarded.

    That book sounds like fun! I'd love to buy it , but I don't have the resources or a credit card, in fact I'm deeply in debt BOL:dogtongue2:
  4. dantesboy New Member

    Oh yeah or I could like sit with my legs in a split almost and lean forward so he can walk on to me....!!!!
  5. dat123 Experienced Member

    Tx_cowgirl, great advice on this usual . This is how we taught our 3 dogs to jump on our back. It is defineatly a two person job to teach this one, you could try by yourself but it will be a struggle.
    Because our dogs do agility, they know the call " TABLE" as the cue to jump up on a surface and stay. If you are struggling to get dantes to jump up, maybe try to get him jumping on a box or something similiar, give it a cue, then use that cue to start him jumping on your back.
    Also start him from behind your feet, not from your side, so he's more likely not to fall.

    NOTE : Wear thick clothing covering your back, because they tend to stick their claws out when they first start doing it. OUUUUCH !!!
  6. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol thanks Dave. ^^ Unfortunately Mud and I haven't mastered this one...can't get an extra helper to help me out. :dogdry: Mud has the cues necessary for this one but the lack of help is definitely an issue. Ugh. :dogblink:
  7. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Do you mean as I do in this video at the 2:40 time marker. If so, I'll post how I did it.

  8. dantesboy New Member

    That's not quite it, since I wanted the dog to kinda stay on the shoulders with head to one side... But I see how that is a good idea with a hoola hoop. But gosh darn it I went to every dollarama I could find and didn't find a hoop...
    So that's my set back.

    But back to your trick I really like it, how did you train that one!?

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