Dog Heros


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This is a thread you can post amazing and inspirational stories, articles, videos, news clips,
of dogs who did something wonderful. Or stories of your own dog being a hero.

EVERYONE feel free to add in stories if come across any. I love reading these stories. I really do, i think most other dog lovers do, too.


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In the summertime, we often leave our windows open, with just screens in them. We live in safe neighborhood.

One night, Buddy suddenly leaped up,
and gave 4-alarm barking, snarling, growling leaping :mad:viscious and quite frightening display of a whole lotta flashing teeth to one of our windows.. His teeth suddenly appeared huge, just flashing and snarling like a wild beast, growling and snarling loudly,
at the window.

I'd never ever seen Buddy look like THAT. Buddy went from snugglebug, to most frightening dog you've ever seen, in one second.
My guy was outa town that night, and only my daughter and i were home, and we ran over to window, and saw a guy running away. Who knows, what would have happened if Buddy had not been there. I'm sure he saved us from something. BUDDY SENT THAT GUY RUNNING, probably scared outa his mind to see that viscious dog right in his face!!
We locked all the windows, turned on all the outdoor lights, notified police to check out our street, etc.
But my daughter could not relax,:unsure: thinking that guy might still be there. I pointed at Buddy, who was now snoozing peacefully, and said, "Well, look at Buddy, do you think he'd be relaxed if that guy WAS still out there?"
and she laffed and said, "you're right. Good job, Buddy!"

Buddy earned his treats that night.


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I have a story simular to yours.

When I was little, I was sitting in my grandmothers living room with my grandmother and old dog Trouble. I was watching TV, not paying much attention. My grandmother heard footsteps coming towards the front door and before she could react, Trouble got up and ran snarling to the front door. Trouble would never do this. She was the sweetest thing on the planet. She would hardly pay attention when people came to the door. But that night she ran snarling to the door, barking and sounding very horifying.


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Atlas has been a hero twice now. keep in mind that he's deaf, this was all just him SENSING that something was wrong. =]

last summer, he and I went to the river to swim almost every afternoon. the town we lived in had a lot of homeless people living along the bike path, and they occasionally came down to the river to bathe. they left us alone for the most part, and we usually just kept our distance. one day, another young woman and her Lab were swimming down stream from us. I was facing away from her when I heard her scream. as a turned around, I saw one of the homeless men threatening her with a small blade. I just froze, I had no idea what to do. in that split second, before I could grab him, Atlas flew at top speed away from me. the woman's Lab had run off somewhere, but Atlas was heading for them. he was so smart about it, to this day I'm AMAZED at his thinking. instead of just barreling straight into danger, as I had expected him to do, he ran onto the bank and into the brush behind them!! he was out of sight for a moment, and then BAM, he shot from the bushes and threw his entire body weight into the man, who fell to the ground and dropped his knife. as the man got to his feet, Atlas was snarling and looking more threatening than I ever thought he could. that was it, the man took off back up the bank and was gone. the other woman and I were both utterly SHOCKED. neither of us could believe it. GOOD BOY.

his second time being a hero was just last week. I was home alone, and it was around 11:00PM. we were playing a game of "find the tennis ball" in the living room, when I heard the back door being unlocked. thinking it was probably just my boyfriend's dad coming home, I wasn't worried. but when the door opened, Atlas stopped in his tracks and looked towards the back of the house. there was that snarling again. his teeth were showing, his hackles were raised, he looked downright scary. suddenly he was creeping, low to the ground, into the kitchen. then he was barking, and he NEVER barks. loud, threatening barks. I got up and followed him just in time to see the intruder taking off back out the door. Atlas chased him to the gate, and then stood there barking for a moment as if to say "yeah! and stay out!!" he was hyper-alert the rest of the night, but still managed to lick the faces of the police officers who came to investigate. =P


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WOW Good Job Atlas!!!

Oliver saved me from a drunk trying to get through the open driver's side window of my truck once... with me in it stopped at a stop sign. Guy nearly lost his face, the only time Ollie's reactivity to humans didn't bother me :)

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It amazes me just what dogs will do in a pinch, and all they want in return is a big ole hug.

Speaking of heros and hugs.

A retired military friend and I do a lot of fishing together and love dogs. A while ago he sent me an email about a dog named Bruno, who has been honored for being a hero. And he will show you how a big dog hugs a baby.



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My Girl Ceildth.

She was a rescue, who took her time deciding her "real" family wasn't coming back for her. She was the best dog teacher ever. She taught many foster dogs how to behave in a home and around me. She was a self appointed guardian around strangers.

Slowly, over time, my then boyfriends undiagnosed bi polar got out of control. One night he entered the bedroom and attempted to truly harm me. The first and last time.

I remember screaming and Ceildth jumping from the door to the bed in a single leap. She body checked him off me and stood over my shaking, terrified body growling at the heap on the floor that was my 210 pound boyfriend. She escorted him out then came to me.

She had a habit of leaving the room as the arguments were escalating. But she knew the difference between anger meeting anger and anger to fear.

It was a tremendously difficult day to say good bye to her. I had worn her like a security blanket for more years than I was aware of. She taught me so much about dogs and training and the whole alpha thing, that I could never repay her. She was stable and loving and funny. I miss her more than anyone could imagine. I am reminded of her each time Bosun makes me burst out laughing at something he's done.

She undoubtedly saved me from physical harm and a breach of trust that would be horrible for me to get past. She is my hero.

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It's great to have your dog protect you like that. I would be scared what Honey would do if someone ever tried to harm us.


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Bouviers are an incredibly powerful animal. They have a higher psi in their bite than even pit bulls. They use their bodies to "check" first.

I am certain, she did what she felt was necessary to control the situation. Had my ex escalated, I have no doubt she would have too. I found her response to a family member amazing.

Months later when she, my 2 other bouvs and a terrier cross loaded a Suzuki and drove from Calgary to Nova Scotia, she was the reason. Her former life scarred her for a crate, so flying was out... so we drove. I got a lot of odd looks from people when I stopped for gas and coffee!

Bosun, my now pup (1 year this month:D ) has that same loyal streak.


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but i don't think any particular breed has any monopoly on loyalty. Almost without exception,
dogs are loyal to their humans. It's pretty hard to find a dog who ISN'T loyal, and i can't say i've ever heard of such a dog(who wasn't loyal).:)

and i think most dogs are protective of their humans, if they perceive a threat going on. Even the smallest of dogs, will do their best to try to help their human if they think there is trouble.


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I just started reading an excellent book about a canine hero. :)
It's called "Thunder Dog" by Michael Hingson, a blind man whose guide dog led him from the 78th floor of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Great read. :)

Loved reading all the responses to this post, heartwarming.


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aw, i bet that IS a fascinating and powerful read..........

that reminds me of a book i read as a child, about america's first ever seeing eye dog, named "Buddy" i think, and the struggles they went through getting accepted into public places and stuff. As well as getting blind ppl and their families, to view using a dog as a plus, not a drawback.
This here first ever seeing eye dog and his owner, were like ambassadors i guess, for all future seeing eye dogs in America. I think this happened in the 50s maybe....(if Buddy the seeing eye dog wasn't THE first in America, he was one of the very first)

odd, i can still remember certain lil bits of that story, all these decades later, like when the seeing eye dog growled and argued to keep the blind man from stepping into an elevator door that had no elevator there, it was just an empty long chute.,..but the blind man was in a hurry to get to a speech about his seeing eye dog, and wanted to get going, he wanted to show he could get somewhere on time, using only his seeing eye dog.

and he wrote something like, "I did what no person with a seeing eye dog should ever do.....i dropped his harness and stepped fwd on my own, against the wishes of my dog."
but the seeing eye dog wasn't having it, and stood in front of him, growled, pushed him back, whatever he could, to prevent the blind man from entering the hole.

and then, someone else came along and told him, there was no elevator there, it was open door and long fall down. the man got down and cried and loved all over that dog that had just saved his life.
I can remember that passage almost verbatim. I was so impressed. I can remember a whole lot of that story, still.
(odd i can remember the DOG'S name, but not the humans name...)


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nah, i just googled "Buddy the first seeing eye dog in America" and i was right! It WAS a dog named "Buddy" :D but the story takes place in the 1920s to the 1930s....not the 1950s. ( no wonder the elevators didn't work so well back then....)

The man's name was Morris Frank, 1908 to 1980. It was because of these two, that seeing eye dogs were allowed to go on planes, inside of buildings, etc etc.