Dog Food: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Thank you John, and very well said....
This is exactly it. It was not at all the fact that you corrected me---I came to this site to learn, and I am happy to admit that I was wrong. If I made a mistake I am normally the first person to admit it. But the tone that you replied it was much less than simply informative. The members here are completely aware that I am no canine nutritionist. And I clearly stated that. And again I will point out that I clearly stated that this was meant to be a BASIC guideline, not a full-length dog nutrition book. You corrected me. Fine. I learned something. Thank you. But then you proceded to insult my knowledge of canines, whether unintentionally or intentionally. Your tone implied that you were...let's say tearing me down as if to...hmm...take an alpha position? Not at all saying that you were, just trying to help you understand the tone that you took, or at least the way that we all took it.
Again, I feel that I have been polite with you thoroughout this post, and all I am asking for is the same thing in return. Have a good day.


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LOL, I can't believe my first post here is on this subject.

To be perfectly honest i don't know either of you, i've read this site and found alot of useful information.

In my own personal opinion i see NOTHING rude, malicious or derogatory in Ruffmutts original post, he simply corrected a mistake politely and concisely, just because he didn't wrap his reply in cotton wool to pander to the over-sensitive among you doesn't mean he's out of order or trying to stir any trouble.

Seriously tx-cowgirl, if Ruffs original post was hurtful and insulting to you, then seriously hun you need to give yourself a shake and stop being so sensitive, you made a comment stating that if anyone disagreed then to post so politely, imo Ruff did just that, but not only that he also pointed out where you had gone wrong and then what the correction was, to the benefit of everyone here (alot of ppl would just have said "your talking crap, don't post about things you have no knowledge of.." he did not).

Typed text loses meaning and context, 90% of spoken language derives it's meaning etc from body language, without eye to eye contact that is lost and we merely have to "assume" someones meaning, again i aint taking sides, just commenting on my own personal opinion and thoughts on what i've read here but if i'm perfectly honest it seems to me that YOU tx-girl was the only person to come across as rude, arrogant and obnoxious, someone corrected your statement and you threw the dummy out of the pram.

As i have never posted here before, if i were a little more sensitive i would have read your attack on ruff and thought, bugger this, this lot are nasty and unapproachable, if you disagree with them they threaten to delete your posts etc.

If this offends anyone, then tough really, thicken your skin and welcome to the adult world, ppl will disagree and sometime they will disagree strongly, that's life, deal with it and move on, though as i said i think you have jumped the gun and slated this guy for absolutely no reasson whatsoever.

No doubt i've opened myself up to a flaming and destroyed any chances of becoming part of this community, but i'm sick fed up of reading hitleresque posts by admins and moderators on various forums, and ppl who cannot accept criticism or others disagreeing with them. Flame Trolls do your worst.


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The Dog Trick Academy is a place to share friendly advice and to grow together as dog owners & trainers. Sadly, this thread has changed from being an informative source of information and turned into a harsh debate about who insulted who. I generally have no problem with debates, but I believe this one may keep new members from participating in the forums in belief that their opinion or facts will be attacked. This is not the message that I want to send - so this thread has now been closed.
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