Dog eczema


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I didn't know it was possible but Guus has eczema between his toes. We took him to the vet today and he gave us an antibiotic and prednizon cream. I think I should take him to the beach regularly. The sea water must be good for that too. Might even prevent it from coming back.

Does anyone have tips maybe on how to treat and prevent it?


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I've never even heard of dogs having eczema. o-0 Good luck to you and Guus though. Hope he gets better! :)


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The vet did say it was very rare (we obviously have a very special dog :doglaugh: ). The cream he gave us seems to be working well, it's already less red.


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Bailey gets skin problems too ... a form of dermatitis and eczema ... apparently Cocker Spaniels are notorious for having skin problems and allergies ( she's allergic to chicken and the Vet also thinks she's got seasonal allergies ) She gets Benedryl for allergic reactions ( 25 mg ... 2 times a day ). The only problem with the Benedryl is it also sedates her so we don't like to give it to her very often ... only when she really seems uncomfortable and distressed with her allergic reactions .... skin and eyes get itchy, her nose runs ).

The Vet prescribed a cream with prednisone in it for when the skin problems get bad and he also said that an over the counter hydrocortisone cream would be ok too.

Bad enough when I have to deal with my own allergies ... hate to see Bailey plagued with them also.

Take care: Hivin and Bailey