Does winter affect the behavior of your dog?


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It was sort of hard to vote on this topic. Bailey doesn't seem to mind the cold but I haven't seen any specific evidence that she loves it either. She seems to be more sedate in the winter but that could just be a result of the fact that we don't get out as much for walks and playtime. Because of my physical disability, I must be aware of the conditions of walkways as it's very easy for me to lose my footing and there are many potential hazards that could result in falls. I don't tolerate the cold well so, outdoor playtime is limited. I have a 50 ft training lead and when the weather and wind chill factor isn't too bad I'll find an area where I can stand and then I allow her to run and play a few times a day ... we've got some nice bright balls and other outdoor toys that she'll run and retrieve, or she just enjoys the chance to be a regular dog and sniff around, explore and other things.

It's important to me that she gets time to just be a dog as she spends so much time in service as an SD and has to curb many of her natural instincts when she's working. I want her to have time to just "be" and have her own time to enjoy herself and be a regular dog that sniffs the trees, plays in the snow and gets to interact with other animals. She loves to go out when the kids in the neighborhood are out playing. She just adores kids and if I let her she'd be out there playing with them all the time. She often asks to go out on the balconey of the apartment and she'll spend lots of time out there watching the neighborhood and our neighbors doing their things. She's either the neighborhood watchdog or the worlds worst nosey neighbor, we're sure if she could speak she'd be an insatiable gossip as well.

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Harry is fine with any kind of weather (he loves snow too!) but the problem is that the nights get darker quicker and we can't go for long walks in the woods after i've finished work. At the moment, it gets dark around half 7 so we can stay out for longer than usual. It also means more dogs are out so Harry gets to play loads.


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its getting darker here to now, kodas started barking softly when we walk at night, only cause she aint used to it, but storm likes walking at night now, when he was a pup (till he was 3yrs old) he would go to bed by 6.30pm at the latest, he would go nuts at you if you came home and disturbed him


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Cold Weather

Well Storm is a Siberian Husky so it goes without saying she LOVES the cold and the snow. We don't get much snow, but occasionally are treated with ten or so inches every few years and she just loves it. Never wants to come inside. She just wants to lay out in it and not move. She doesn't tolerate the heat very well (being bred as a sled dog in Siberia and all), so I voted the loves cold weather option. I haven't had Jackal long enough to know, so he doesn't count as of yet lol.