Does any of you own a Poodle?

luna may

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Hi there... I have a Miniature Poodle called Kesem, and I wanted to know- do any of you have a Poodle too? I would love to know about any other Poodle and how much he or she is like Kesem :doghappy:.
She's my first doggie so far, and she just amazes me with her agility.
She's about a foot high and a little less than two feet long, and she can climb 12-foot-long slides and jump almost 4 feet into the air! She's such an amusement machine :doglaugh:
Another thing I really like about her is her quick learning. Yesterday, for example, she barked a few times while we played (one of those rare times she barks at all ;)). I played around with her and said "bark, bark, Kesem, bark!", just as part of the game, since I had no treats or anything to give her as a reward, so I did it just for plain fun. You can imagine how amazed I was today, when I asked her "want to bark?" and she did! :shocked:
I would like to know if all Poodles are like that, or is she just special in that way?
Another thing that I would like to know is if there are any Israeli's like me on this site who can tell me where there are dog training and competition arenas around here, because they seem to be determined in hiding away from me :D.
Thanks for your potential help! :dogsmile:


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I've never owned one, but I do know that Poodle's are generally ranked as the second most intelligent breed, after the Border Collie. Oddly however, when you ask people, they are often perceived as a rather unintelligent dog. Just goes to show...

I suspect there may be a lot of Poodle owners out there who don't realise just how much potential their dog has.

This list of breed intelligence seems to match the one I have in a book about the intelligence of dogs.

luna may

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Thank's Collie! You're always very helpfull in the forum, and I'm sure all us members apreciate it :doghappy:


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yes i have one he is black. Its always fun to groom him you can do anything with their hair. i made my poodle grow a beard. cute lol just have fun with them. give them time to learn.


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Hi My name is Geeer After my black standard poodle geronimo .He is nine years old, also an active Therapy dog. I also have a fourteen year old cream standard poodle her name is Summer, also a Therapy dog. I'm retired an this my new job in life. How lucky I am! My two best friends make the job fun an easy. I've never posted before, very first site.


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Hi - I'm in Scotland - and I have a 11 month old poodle - called Romeo - he's black - gorgeous and so clever


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Although I'm not a Poodle owner, I do admire the Standard version(bit more of a big dog person, lol). They are incredibly intelligent, active dogs. They are indeed people pleasers and highly trainable.