Do you breed your dog?


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I was wondering if you breed your dog and the type of dog you breed. I have an AKC pembroke welsh corgi and planning on getting her fixed.


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I leave breeding to the experts and to those who don't mind not being able to find homes for all of their puppies. Besides that, the number of Border Collies in rescue centres here in England is criminal.

People initially buy one because they see how good they are at agility on the television shows, but then they treat them it like any other dog, sometimes not walking it enough, or not stimulating it enough, not giving it enough company, or having screaming kids running around it. A standard dog under these circumstances is bad enough. A Border Collie under these circumstances is your worst nightmare, so it inevitably ends up in a shelter. In fact, we got ours, luckily as a twelve-week old puppy, through a local shelter. She was a pup from an accidental breeding of two working farm dogs.

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi was my first ever dog, when I was a wee child. Gorgeous wee dogs.


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I also believe in leaving dog breeding to the experts. My dogs have always been spayed and neutered.


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See all my dogs are fixed but for different reasons, my catahoula is spayed becuse I adopted her that way and my other 2 dogs are also fixed becuse they are not good breeding stock. But I personaly have plans for breeding hunting dogs in the future.


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Both my dogs are "fixed", too. I can't imagine having a litter of puppies with Little Joe's fear-aggression and Bonnie's typical Jack Russel high-energy. I think I'd go crazy! Besides, neither is pure. There are already so many mixed breed puppies out there that need a good home. I'd rather be part of the solution rather than adding to the problem of too many dogs without good homes.


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You should only breed from your dog if you know for sure what you are doing. to start with you need to find the right pair with the right temperaments, also there is the cost of looking after the puppies they need vacs and worming and what will you do with the puppies if you cant find homes for them? surely you wont keep the whole litter!

Jean Cote

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I've been told by my breeders that they barely make any money from breeding, after all the vet bills, food, etc.

And I've always been scared of breeding since I would never know if the people purchasing the pups would take care of them or abuse them. It's something I don't want on my conscience.