Do You Allow Your Dog to....

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by CollieMan, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. CollieMan Experienced Member

    If it was just me, I would allow it. But I hate it when visitors get 'mugged' by the household pets.

  2. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I wouldn't allow it, but when my parents and I leave her alone at home, she slaaps there. I can't do anything about that.
    But I don't really care...:doglaugh:
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    I allow it! :) But if I say "Off!" then they get off the Bed or Sofa. If I say "Go Lie Down!" then they leave my guests alone. Pretty simple :)

    LOL to your fourth choice "I don't own any furniture! " :)
  4. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Seems reasonable. I was going to make the fourth choice: "The dog ate all my furniture!" :) I can imagine when Ellie is better trained then I'll relax my rules to how you have it. It's clearly not done your dogs any harm!
  5. addictinganimal New Member

    Same deal as Jean. If Tank steals my seat, I'll just walk over and he'll jump off. If it's a shared couch that I want him off for whatever reason, "Off" works just fine. :)
  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    In the beginning, if my dog was on the couch and I wanted to sit, I would pretend to sit on her. I would apply light pressure and she would move off the couch immediately. Now if I go to sit they immediately move on the other side. :msngrin:
  7. CollieMan Experienced Member

    hehe I do the same sort of thing when the dog steals the doorways or the stairs. I just start to walk into her, or pretend to stand on her. She now moves like lightening! :)
  8. bipa New Member

    I'm still working on finding that "off" switch. I don't think my models came with that feature :doglaugh:

    (Yeah I know... training, training, training, and repeat as necessary...errr... repeat forever)
  9. bocephus Experienced Member

    I have only a queen bed.
    My pups no when dad brushes his teeth he's ready for bed. As I get in the room from the bathroom all 4 are laying in my bed. I simply say" I'm first you guys now that" they all get off the bed and wait till I get in and comfortable. Patiently waiting for me to give the Okay.
    Soon as they hear it up they come each knowing their spot. I don't mind it a bit. This is what happened as I tried for the "Extra 5 minutes before work.
    Some say that's why I am still single. My reply is NO you must not know my daughter Megan:msnwink:
  10. Jean Cote Administrator

    LOL they're almost gonna push you off the bed there! :)

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