Do dogs have a soul?


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I think dogs do a have a sense of humour, becouse they live with us all their life, so why wouldn't they have?

luna may

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That poem is really good, Bipa :doghappy:
I think this is a great topic: almost complete strangers caring about each others feelings and discussing a very difficult topic without trying to convince the other that they are right. Just sharing feelings, no fighting, it's wonderful.
I think you're totally right, Marieke. It's extraordinary and wonderfull, at the same time.

luna may

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Wierd to realize that after all, wer'e really all a bunch of strangers... I'm getting attached to all of you ;)

Sylvia G.

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While I know this is no proof for anyone else, and many may not believe, all I can do is tell what happened after my dog "died". People will have to take, on trust, what I have experienced. It may not be proof for them, but it is for me, and gave me my "hard evidence" of life after death, and that dogs have Souls.
There are so many people grieving for deceased loved ones (not just dogs) These things may help to give them some hope.
My dog's enduring love, plus my ability to use the internet...we always made a good team. She has a Soul. Please read This is the account of what happened after she passed away.


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I understand completely Sylvia G. I have had similar experiences with dogs and other animals I have loved deeply. I read every word on your site and yes, it all makes total sense to me. I've also had similar experiences with humans, my mother and others I have loved.

It is such a comfort to have 'concrete' proof that they are live, well and happy, just in another dimension.