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If a puppy is getting to rough how would a mother dog discipline her puppy to stop whatever they might be doing


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by grabing it by the neck and pinning it on the ground depending on how bad it was would be how hard they grab and bite

if a dog is biting you you could also grab his mouth when its over your hand or that and squeeze hard till he lets go first, he may yelp but he has to learn good play from bad play, he might come back and bite harder but you have to keep repeating it they eventually learn that they dont win that way


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I'm sorry Storm, but I'm going to have to disagree with you. First of all, most dogs give puppies a "puppy license" until they are about 4 months. This doesn't mean they don't discapline, but they let the pup get away with a lot of stuff that a older dog could never get away with. But even in general, I have never seen a dog actually force another dog on the ground. Generally when a dog or puppy rolls over, they voluntarily submit to the other dog. What I have seen moms and older dogs do to pups is air snaps, and if they need to a quick bite on the pups nose. They don't grab on. But because of major puppy liscense, I've seen a lot of dogs simply trying to ignore the pup and walk away, only after a lot of crap do they finally tell the pup off. Of course, this changes as the pup gets older.

Regardless of what other dogs do, I never advise physically holding a dogs mouth shut. That can actually lead to aggressive behavior as the pup gets older. What I DO recommend is yelling ouch is a loud voice (like you're bleeding to death) and crossing your hands across the body, staring at the ceiling. Basically a mini 30 second time out with no talking, or eye contact does the trick. Once that time is over, redirect the pup to a toy to chew on instead of your hands. This is effective since the puppy is trying to play with you and get your attention and he will learn that biting does the opposite of what he is trying to do.

At least this is my opinion, and of course you are entitled to yours!


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u are not a dog so don't act like one since it can be scary. You cannot duplicate all the nuance of dogs and their language or u could just reason with him. :dognowink: take away what puppy wants most, your attention and don't play rough since that's very confusing. it's okay sometimes but not others and not with some people??? too much for a pup to comprehend. stand and ignore or walk calmly away until puppy calms. it's not a contest so as soon as he settles down resume attention. keep it calm and don't encourage freaking by laughing or watching.

calmly praise and reward calm and never ever allow play with teeth on skin. later or with guests it's hard to take back.