Dennis Dog


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Hi everyone, found this site while looking for new tricks to teach Dennis. We rescued Dennis from an animal Shelter in Western Australia. We saw a picture of him on the Poundwatch site and decided he looked interesting so we adopted him.
Dennis stands about 7" and weighs around 3 Kilos. He's not a real good student, very timid and tends to forget different tricks on a daily basis. But he is interesting. So far I have taught him: Sit, down, stand, rollover, play dead, beg, stand up, stay, come, slalom, bow, speak and a few obstacles. Looking for something new to teach him.
I trained Police Dogs for 25 years so I'm not exactly a beginner, just not interested in the normal run of the mill tricks( been there done that). Dennis goes everywhere with us, if he can't go, we don't go.

Jean Cote

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:welcome: to the website! The Academy is relatively new so there are not too many tricks (yet), but I'm adding at least one lesson a week and come winter I will be able to add many more. :)

That's pretty cool that you've trained police dogs for 25 years, I'm suprised you didn't go for a GSP instead! :o