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On many of the dog sites I go on, I'm always surprised by the incredibly amount of dedication people have towards their dogs. They get walked every day and are trained to be both well behaved and trick performers. What I want to know is...


Around here, you don't find many people very "into" their dogs. They love them, sure, but the poor canines won't get their daily exercise or mental stimulation. Some of these are high energy dogs that are stuck in the house all day. There's a Sheltie in the neighborhood that the owners say is "insane" because of her energy... Well, she has nothing to do. In short, boredom can suck. :msngiggle:

It makes me glad to know there are caring owners in the world, if only on the forums. Congrats on being the dedicated doggie masters you are! :msngrin:


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They do exist. Only today I was walking Ellie around the really wet and muddy fields, my boots feeling like lead weights with the mud stuck to them, and with rain pouring down on me. Sure enough, other dog walkers were doing just the same as me. The things we do....


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I would say 95% of dog owners love their dogs and try bringing joy to their dog as they do to them. And I would say it is true probably half the dogs do not get as much excercise as they need. Alot of people I know believe playing with them in the house is enouph exercise. I really like your story Collieman. I too had the same situation today, We received our first accumalation of snow over night, I had to run to the airport this morning leaving my dog at home for 3 hours, I felt bad for my young dog so I let her run around in the snow for a hour when I got home. I planned on only being outside for maybe 30 minutes so I did not dress very warm. Well I started getting cold and Foxy was enjoying the first snow storm so much I bared the conditions. When I decided enouph was enouph my hands were colder than a well diggers butt, and brought foxy back into the warmth of the house. Do you think she had enouph, or the slightest bit cold? No she was licking the snow of my shoes when we got back in the house and started running around like she wanted to go bak out. Crazy dog!!!