Dazzle's Rabbit Story,and Photo Down Walpole,western Australia

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    And if you have those titles you'll be in the perfect position to ask to do a dancing or disc dog demonstration at one of the competitions... with a dog like Dazzle who knows where that would take you...

    I should think we all feel that way sometimes. Don't worry about it, I'm sure Jean could take this discussion out but it may be one of the most useful discussions that you have created... Personal protection dogs are the sort of thing that we probably all dream about once in a while, so maybe you'll help someone else to walk away from a silly idea as sensibly as you are.

    Besides, it is nice to know you are sometimes human, rather than always being the "Karleee wonder trainer, Dazzle wonder dog duo" :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    OH, Karlee, i am glad that you are NOT seeing any signs that Dazzle is beginning to show signs of aggression.
    Still, you may want to consider helping Dazzle learn to think that she does NOT need to growl when ppl come to your door, and you may want to help Dazzle learn a better reaction than this:

    //",so she stood there,hacles up,teeth beared,snarling and growling at them,when all they did............"//
    which sounds to me like an inappropriately aggressive reaction.

    The sooner you begin work on this,
    the better the result will be.:)

    Dogs who are aggressive often begin to be noticed at about 9 months old, and by 12 months old, are very very obvious, so do keep an eye on DAzzle for next 3 or 4 months.
    If Dazzle doesn't often see many strangers,
    or many unknown dogs, it can take longer to become obvious. But :) hopefully:) , Dazzle really IS just fine.:D

    But again, while working to get DAzzle to stop growling about ppl at the door,
    you never ever ever want to scold or punish Dazzle for growling.
    If your parents are scolding or trying to shush DAzzle for growling, try to help them stop doing it, too. A dog who won't growl, who thinks his owners hate growling,
    is a way more dangerous dog.

    Hard to understand, but you DO want Dazzle to feel free to give out her warning growl,
    but you also want to help Dazzle to feel secure enough about people or dogs
    that Dazzle becomes secure enough that she does not feel the need to growl.
    Let us know if you want help figuring out how to get Dazzle to sit calmly
    without growling
    when you open the door to strangers.

    None of us here know everything, we all ask each other for help, this is why we are here.:ROFLMAO:
    So if you want help on this, let us know.

    Dazzle growling does not mean she is being protective of you or loves you, it is Dazzle is afraid. NO doubt, Dazzle is indeed protective and loves you,
    but her growling inappropriately is not how to tell.

    You can help Dazzle learn to feel less threatened about strangers and other dogs. <---That is often way harder to teach than agility, or tricks,
    so if you are looking for a really big dog-training challenge,
    this might be it.

    Also, re: agility, does Dazzle know which item you want her to do next? To me, THAT was the hard part to teach to Buddy,
    so that even when he was excited to be doing agility,
    he could still listen to my voice,
    to know WHICH item to go to next.

    There are purebred only agility teams in my area, too, BUT, if i looked around hard enough, i can also locate all dog agility groups. This might be the same for your area, too, so keep looking, IF you are absolutely certain that Dazzle actually enjoys being around unknown dogs and unknown humans.
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  3. charmedwolf Moderator

    Thank you Karlee for clarifying. You could not believe the amount of panic that came about when I read that. My family has dealt with a badly trained PPD when I was about 4 or 5 I believe (I have no idea what my parents were thinking) and while he was managable he was not something I would put in anybody else's hands if I could help it.

    For agility, have you checked out http://www.adaa.com.au/? They might know of a club around you that you could work with. I don't know if they have to be purebreed with them but it's worth a shot. You don't always have to go through a kennel club to compete.
  4. karleee Well-Known Member

    I was actually thinking of joining ADAA when dazzle has finished her training (just A-frame,see-saw and dog walk to dog now :) )

    I actually e-mailed them a while back,and they said any dog can join :)

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