Daisy, My Black Lab

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    I'm Glenna and I have a pure bred black lab named Daisy. She is five months old and already weighs 60 lbs. Her mother and father are large. Daisy currently knows some basic commands and a couple tricks. She can sit, stay, lay down, roll over and play dead, shake, and high five.:p She comes almost every time I tell her too.:whistle: Daisy loves to walk on the treadmill. She walks at least two miles everyday. :DI found this to be very helpful for me because she is such a high energy dog that everyday walks were not enough for Daisy. She is my sweetheart!!:love:

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  2. agilelab123 New Member

    Gotta love them labs :) She's adorable, good luck with her.
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  3. Glenna New Member

    I love your black lab too! What a cutie!!:love:
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  4. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Ahhhhh she's so cute!
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  5. Glenna New Member

    Your dog is beautiful!!:)
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  6. Glenna New Member

    Thanks!! Your lab is so cute!!:p

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