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I came across these vids of Jinx when she was 8,5 weeks old. I can't get over the fact that they grow up so fast!! This was in july of last year. She was soooo cute!:love::love:
This is during one of my "work"walks. The JR is Terry, one of my clients. (I'm a dogwalker)
It was a very hot day and Jinx already loved the water.
Man, I love this dog to bits:giggle:


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I am in love with this video:love:. She is absolutely adorable! She got so filthy! It makes me want to jump into a mud puddle. I wish my Aussie liked the water that much. He is learning to like it, but slowly, on his own terms. He does stand in the water bowl when he drinks. It looks funny!

How big is she now? She looks so tiny, and I love her tail :love::love:.

Jairo I.

thank godness you said her height in cm because in colombia we use the metric system and ill be lost thinkinghow much 20 inches are!


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She is 52 cm, that's about 20 inch, I think.
And she still takes mudbaths regularly:D
20.47 inches! Pretty close. I had to google a calculator to figure it. In that video, she looks a lot like my fluffy Aussie, only mine is a mini and is almost the same size and is 4 months old. (I am kind of relieved:oops:, because I spent extra to get the "mini" version and he has been growing very fast!:eek:)I see now that my dog is much smaller than yours was in that video.

I love the aussie in any size, and can't wait until mine gets in his beautiful adult coat. :) My dog DOES like to dig and get muddy too. I only hope that he will decide that he likes water as much as Jinx does! She is extra adorable when she "shares" her mud with your shirt :p.