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Just found this video, and it so made me smile. Hope you enjoy it too. TOO CUTE!!

It's reeeally short, only 1 minute long to watch. PLus, i am practicing Jean's step by step instructions on how to embed a video, in case i ever get a video camera.



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I've seen this before - and isn't it the sweetest thing?? I love this every single time I see it! Thanks for practicing on this one so we all could see it, it's one of those things you have to see to believe. :dogtongue2:


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A lot of things are more fun to eat on a stick. Hot dogs, ice cream, even a chocolate-dipped slice of cheesecake. So it’s no surprise that cupcake lollipops—a signature item from Cute Cakes Hawaii—have been such a decadent hit. Each mini chocolate cupcake is mounted on a stick and topped with either dark or white chocolate frosting. Adorable and convenient.
“We wanted people to be able to eat a cupcake on the go without too much of a mess,” says co-owner Kristie Mashino.These cupcake lollipops ($2 each), are top sellers at Carousel Candyland in Kahala Mall, the Cupcake Boutique at Ward Warehouse and Chit Chat Sundries & Gifts in downtown.Cute Cakes, which opened in March, offers other dainty treats, such as the Cutie Catwalk, and 10 mini cupcakes frosted to look like flowers served in a clear plastic lei container.


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And seena, do you have a dog, or are you just looking for someplace to advertise? I hate to be rude, but that's what it looks like to me. First post, and weird thread to choose. Hmm.....