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luna may

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Hello everybody! My name is Luna, and i'm pretty new here :doghappy:. Sorry if my English is limitted, since it's not my native language :dogbiggrin:.
Anyways, I have a Miniature poodle named Kesem. She's four years old, and I would like to teach her new tricks. Can you guys help me think of some nice tricks for her?
This is what she knows so far:
Kesem!- looks at me
Sit- walks up in front of me and sits down
Shhh… Down- lies down on her side
Bang!- a more impressive version of "Shhhh.... Down" :doglaugh:
Bow- sits down and touches floor with nose
Kiss- licks my hand or cheek
Up- gets up on to her hind legs
Spin- spins counter-clockwise
*Point*- I point somewhere and she looks there (when she want's to, that is :dogblush:)
Good girl, Nice work- praise
Kitty kitty- runs to the back yard in histeria :dogtongue2:
Want to get out?- runs to the door
Treat- walks after me, waiting for treat
Find treat!- first, I let her see me put a little piece of cheese somewhere. Then I pick her up and put her somewhere else in the house. She sits down, and when I say "Kesem, find the treat!" she runs and eats it up :dogsmile: (I'm verry proud of this one, since I invented it myself! :doghappy:)
Want to go for a walk?- runs towards the door
Want to take a bath?- escapes :doglaugh:
Want to play?- brings a toy
*I stick out my tounge at her*- she sticks out her tounge at me :dogtongue2:

Well, that's about it... What do you think?

Thank for your help!!! :doghappy:
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