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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Sara Carson, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Sara Carson Experienced Member

    I am just wondering if anyone on here is (Certified Trick Dog Instructor)

    I just send in my application and currently I am an Associate Trick Dog Instructor till I find out the results of my application :)

  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    That's awesome!
    I got curious what country you are from, and I like that your page says where you live, so many ppl leave that blank.(??) Wish more members put in at least the country they live in.

    I have zero certificates. Like many members, i am just a dog owner interested in learning how to teach my dog tricks and cues.

    My guess is, most of us here are not certified. I could be wrong. There's many ppl here who do train dogs, and many i think that should have certificates and even trophies!! There are some very talented members here, but i have no idea if they have certificates.......but it will be interesting to see if many ppl here do have certificates.

    GOOD LUCK on your upcoming test!!!
  3. Sara Carson Experienced Member

    I am in Canada :)
    North Bay, Ontario. thanks!
  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Slightly off topic, but, even if most members here have no certificates, Sara, you will love this online dog community, as the ppl here, on THIS dog site, are so much more dog-savvy than other sites. Other dog sites, the remarks and mentality of the members,:rolleyes: give me the willies.
    but THIS group, the members are way way way more knowledgable than the general mindset of other dog sites.
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  5. Sara Carson Experienced Member

    So far I love the community! I found this place because I was curious to who shared Hero's trick video... :) I look forward to many fun times on this site!
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  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    You found a great site! Glad you are here! I hope some others here who do have certificates come by, as they can more fully appreciate and share about getting these certificates.

    I had no idea that on youtube, you can see who shares the video! ha! (I'm not that smart about computers)
  7. Dlilly Honored Member

    I'm not a certified trick trainer, but I'm working on becoming one!

    Sorry I'm no help. :sick:
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Not certified either, but do train for people. One of these days there are a couple of certifications I'd like to pursue, for the sake of me learning and having a certificate or two under my belt. It's more of a personal desire than anything; none of the clients I've worked with have even mentioned certifications.

    But, I know we have at least a couple of members who are Certified Trick Dog Instructors. One of them hasn't been on in a while; she's started her own business and is quite busy with it. Not sure about anyone else, though...
  9. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Yes, Tx is right not *all* dog owners put a lot of store by a certificate. Not all certificates ensure the trainer will be "positive only", or say anything about the skill and experience of the person holding the certificate.

    I've known fully certified, highly credentialed dog trainers i would not dream of allowing anywhere near my dog, and i've known some ppl who are self taught, or were taught or trained about dogs, but have no certificates, that i so wish i could bring my dog to. Many members here are training dogs, and many of them, i'd so love to help me with my dog, even if they have no certificate.

    Like Tx, for example. If i ever get wealthy, i will sooooooooo fly Tx up here to help with Buddy, and i would not care an iota if Tx has a certificate or not, because i know she has deep knowledge of dogs and dog training. She's even helped me with my dog via emails! I can't imagine what she could accomplish with him if she met my dog!

    Some areas of dog training/dog behavior, like dog aggression or managing the shy dog, are specialties, imo. Not all trainers or behaviorists are equally experienced in those areas, but might rock at helping your dog learn agility.

    I'm not entirely certain that my dog training hero, Kikopup has any certificates.(?) Or when in her career she got them, if any.

    Victoria Stillwell was popular and successful before she ever applied for a certificate. However, she has now designed her own certificates which bear her name. Lolz, Victoria Stillwell only just recently got her first dog of her own, a year or two ago. Never ever even owned a dog, yet, was skilled at training and understanding dogs.

    Still, i know if i ever got such a certificate, i'd take great pride in accomplishing that!! :D:D
    Yeah i would! It's still a very very worthy goal, even if not all ppl do care about them.
  10. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol Tigerlily. :X3: Thanks. ^^
    On that note, I wonder if Silvia Trkman has any certifications....not sure what kind of certifications Slovenia has.... I would kill to spend just a day with Silvia, her dogs, and my dogs. It's ridiculous how excited I was when she started selling DVDs, lol. :ROFLMAO:

    Anyway...sorry Sara, won't derail your thread anymore. ;)
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  11. Sara Carson Experienced Member

    Silvia is amazing -__-
    Wish she would come to Canada!
  12. charmedwolf Moderator

    I love Silvia! She is now doing long distance classes as well that are offline so you could look up that Sara.

    When I get the money I'll be getting mine along with some others. But on the topic of certifications, I don't have any and I just got a job training service dogs. The man that runs the organization walked up to me when I was helping train a friend's dog to pick up her leash. It's a matter of actually being able to train and having a piece of paper saying that you can train.
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  13. Kathleen Active Member

    I will be doing the CTDI soon and my dog Brandy has the advance trick dog title and working already on the Expert Trick Dog Title :)
  14. Caiti Experienced Member

    I hope to become a certified trick dog instructor eventually and it is my goal for Wylie to earn his TDCH (Trick Dog Champion). Currently we are working on the Standard titles.

    Good luck with you application! Do you know when you are getting the results?
  15. Elliot DMDS Well-Known Member

    May I ask what these titles mean, and how you get them?
    I am from Austria and I have never heard of anything like that...
  16. Kathleen Active Member

    Its done by Kyra Sundance in America, here the link http://www.domorewithyourdog.com/ you have there the Novice Trick Dog, Intermediate Trick Dog, Advanced Trick Dog, Expert Trick Dog and Champion Trick Dog. You have to perform certain tricks (from a list) in front of a witness (for Champion you need to show it with a video) and then you get a certificate (and for the champion also a medal). The book by her 101 dog tricks is very helpful and very easy to follow. I bought it on Amazon (I live in the UK). Hope this is helpful :)
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