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  1. nereis Well-Known Member

    Anyone been watching?

    There's a whole hour devoted to obedience, HTM and agility tomorrow afternoon.

  2. heidib860 New Member

    What's crufts?
  3. marieke New Member

  4. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Jan and I were going to attend this year on the working and pastoral dog day (Saturday), but my cold has got the better of me, and so we didn't waste our money.

    A friend went though and she said that she would never go again, or at least not at a weekend. It's just too busy to really enjoy it, she reckoned. I think the pastoral and working dog is the most popular category too, which won't have helped. I think it's worth going to just to catch up with your 'doggy friends' in nothing else.

    I'm only really interested in the working and pastoral. Looking forward to today's though, with the obedience and agility.

    For best in show, I'm going to predict the Giant Schnauzer, Ch Jafrak Philippe Olivier.
  5. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Sure enough the Giant Schnauzer won best in show. A very worthy winner. It was an outstanding specimen.

    There was very little, in fact, as usual, next to no coverage of the competitive obedience. However, the winners of the World Cup were:

    1st Holland
    2nd England
    3rd Belgium
    4th Wales

    I'm sure that Holland will be happy at beating Belgium. :)

    I hope that one day the BBC will begin to show more of this facet of Crufts.
  6. nereis Well-Known Member

    I was extremely disappointed with the lack of coverage of the obedience. Agility coverage was bad enough, but obedience was just terrible.

    I too picked out the Giant Schnauzer, and the Samoyed for second. I would love to go on Working & Pastoral day, desperate to go next year but with it being BIS day next year it might be best not to.
  7. CollieMan Experienced Member

    I thought the Beagle had a good shot, but I think its ring performance let it down a little, particularly when it got spooked.

    If the obedience had even 25% of the coverage that agility got, I'd have been happy! :) I did love watching the flyball. I think that's really where I'd like to focus Ellie. Something tells me that is where she is going to be best suited.

    I suppose obedience doesn't make for great television. :(
  8. marieke New Member

    We rock :msnwink:
  9. nereis Well-Known Member

    Thing is though, people are still interested. There was only quick glimpses at what is an amazing skill. Just 10 minutes of it would have been great!

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