Crate Question


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Can anybody recommend any crates made from material. Also where to buy them. (I dont care if it is at a store or online) I just want a good quality crate that I can easily move from my mom's house to my dad's. Thanks!


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I bought a Kong crate for my Jack Russell when we first adopted him because he went back and forth between my house and my roommates before we moved into together. It was easy to fold and easy to set up, and its reliable material (metal) So it could handle the wear of constantly being moved and reassembled weekly. I got ours from PetSmart. I would recommend it, we've had it for 2 years and it still in good shape.


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I assume you mean a soft crate? I love elite field soft crates and use them constantly for trials and while I teach. I orginally bough mine from ebay, but now Amazon sells them too. Way cheaper than buying from a petstore. N2N (noz to noz I think?) also makes good sturdy crates that are very popular for dog sports people in this area. I have one but it is heavier than the Elite Field ones I own, harder to set up/down because of the button you have to push, and more expensive.

If you mean a wire crate, Fleet Farm has the cheapest wire crates you can purchase in store and are decent quality. Otherwise i would check amazon and ebay again. I have 2 Midwest crates.