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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Gordykins, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Gordykins Experienced Member

    This has got to be my favorite "Best of Craigslist" ad.

    But... what it makes me realize about myself, is that I am far less tolerant of people than I am of animals. Luckily, my boyfriend, while not as into animal related things as I am (ie... he thinks the things I do with Gordy are fantastic, but it isn't something he would have thought to seek out himself... he is very actively into fostering dogs with me, but again, not something he would do if he weren't living with me, he finds it interesting to spend a day at the aquarium, but wouldn't go out of his way to donate money to marine life research),but he is very compassionate towards animals. He has a lot of patience, and a lot of forgiveness for animals... although, like me, not as much patience for people, and neither of us find it all that easy to forgive people. He really sees them as living, breathing, thinking, feeling creatures... and that's something that is really important to me. I don't have to ever defend the animals who live here, because he gets it.

    With other people, I'm pretty blunt... and if they don't appreciate my dog, or that when I have free time, I like to spend it in dog friendly places (i.e. if a friend wants to go out for lunch... I'll suggest a picnic lunch at a park so I can bring Gordy... or if a friend wants to hang out, but isn't okay with Gordy coming over, then I'll ask that she come to my house instead) because life's too short... I refuse to leave Gordy alone for the hours of the week that I work, and then turn around and constantly leave him in my free time too. Not only is Gory 100% deserving of my time, but I WANT to spend time with him as often as I possibly can. I don't have patience for people saying "he's just a dog" he's MY dog. My dog is never "just a dog." He's more valuable than "just a dog" to me.

    Now that I've spent a little more time on this forum, I've seen homes where all of the people in the house don't have the same compassion, or devotion to animals. It's kind of struck a curiosity with me... when you have such a strong passion for something, how do you make it work with those people who live with you who not only don't share that passion... but who at times even seem to belittle that? I know I'd have a really hard time with it... so how do you keep from wanting to rehome the people in your life who think you should rehome your pets??

    I'm thinking that my boyfriend, and my family... who is very welcoming of Gordy's visits when we go out of town to visit them... and who are happy to come to my house and visit with Gordy without making us change the way we do things at all... are deserving of a very big thank you!!!

  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    That's great that your boyfriend respects animals, I hope to meet a guy like that someday. I spend every single day defending some animal that's in my house.
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  3. southerngirl Honored Member

    That's cool that you try and bring Gordy everywhere you go. Curious, so your friends don't mind Gordy coming over? That's really cool my friend and I have been talking about having a sleepover with our dogs.
    I wish I could do that. If it's not my parents telling me no than it's me debating on how many dogs could be there, and how Missy would react to them. I am okay with people who don't like dogs, as long as they respect that I love them.
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  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    By the way I love the ad!!
    I personally have a really hard time living in my house. My dad thinks all animals belong outside, not inside and it doesn't help that my house is way to small for 6 people and 2 dogs. My older brother Justin believes their is nothing wrong with hitting a dog. My younger brother is better with the dogs than my dad and older brother, but could be nicer. Than my youngest brother is learning how to be mean to animals, though I'm trying to teach him to respect them. He seems to be stuck in between. My mom loves loves animals, but will smack them lightly, such as when Missy is shoving herself between me and her. She is with me when it comes to my dad and brother hitting Chase.
    The dogs mainly poor Chase get hit, pushed, dragged by the collar, and yelled at. I say mainly Chase because Chase is ornery and I think it's because his mind is deterating, it's like he has forgot things that he's been taught such as stay out of the kitchen while we're eating. Another reason is that I literally would pick Missy up if someone hit or yelled at her and took her to my room. If Missy isn't in my room she is curled up somewhere out of the way.
    Me I don't get along with my dad and my older brother. I'm constantly fighting with them mainly defending Chase, or my cat Scout. I'm at the point that when I graduate high school I want to move out because, I can't stand living here. I'll miss my mom and lil bros, but not my dad and older brother. I'm ready to move out and I'm taking Missy and my parakeet Toby with me. Respect for animals in my house is not something you see.
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  5. brody_smom Experienced Member

    I guess I am one of the people who falls into the category you are talking about. We have only had Brody for 3 1/2 months, and it has been stressful for many reasons. He is a young dog (11 months old now) who was under-socialized to people, so he reacts (barks at) a lot to different things in the house as well as outside. My husband allowed the rest of us to adopt a dog, but does not interact or try to bond with him in any way. He will watch his antics from a distance, but not participate in any play or training. He will suggest a trip to the dog park, but then just walk around "admiring" the dogs.
    A year ago, we lost our 12 year old dog to cancer. We only had her for her last 5 years. She was a great dog, who came to us fully trained, well-socialized to people and animals, no issues at all. My husband was the same with her as he is with Brody. The morning before I took her to be euthanized and we were all saying our good-byes, he just sat back on the sofa and watched, dry-eyed. He does get emotional watching sad dog movies like "Marley and Me", or "Hatchi", but doesn't get personally attached to the real live animals in his life.
    When I was growing up, I don't think I ever knew a person who didn't like animals. We always had dogs or cats or both. When I was dating my husband, I knew he had some negative feelings toward animals, but he had never had pets, (he grew up in the Philippines, where most people didn't keep pet dogs or cats, they just roamed the streets as vermin) so I guess I figured that he would change his thinking if he came to know some cats and dogs personally. Well, he doesn't really want to even try. He is very aloof, and acts like Brody is disgusting to him. I can understand being annoyed with the barking in the house, etc., but if Brody even comes close to him when he is sitting down, he moves his hands and face away as if Brody were covered in poop or something. If Brody happens to sniff his hands or legs, he reacts as though he touched something filthy.
    Unfortunately for me and Brody, my husband's attitude is probably making Brody's reactivity in the house worse, because I am so aware of how much it annoys him. I am anxious to resolve Brody's behavior so that it won't be such an issue, but it is making me stressed and Brody can sense that, so he is probably even more reactive. I am trying to keep learning and working with Brody, and I'm hoping that maturity will solve some of his issues. It isn't easy, but I am afraid that Brody would have to be rehomed before my husband could be. We've been married for 24 years and have 5 children together. And Brody is just a dog.
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  6. blacknym Experienced Member

    Love that Ad. LOL

    Whether an animal is rehomed from my house would depend on the situation. I can totally understand Brodys_mom's situation and would not blamer her in the least if brody had to be rehomed. It would be very sad but understandable.
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  7. Gordykins Experienced Member


    I think it is very cool that you are able to stick up for your pets, and I love that you try to teach your younger brother to be kind to animals. I can only guess how hard it must be to not have the support of your family when it comes to something you truly care about.

    Most of not only my friends, but my boyfriend's friends love for us to bring Gordy to their houses. He's always invited to come back again soon! I will add that Gordy is just as well behaved in anybody else's home as he is in ours, which makes him very welcome at most places. My boyfriend, his dad, and some of their friends play frisbee golf on Sundays, and I don't play, but I bring Gordy and foster dogs along for the walk. We go to a lot of events that are sponsored to raise money for local rescues and shelters. Usually, there's something to do every weekend. We always bring the dogs to any stores we go to that are dog friendly. My family lives out of state, and Gordy is more than welcome to stay at their house with us when we visit. My dad absolutely LOVES Gordy, and whenever he calls me, one of the first things he asks is how Gordy is. My brother and his fiance are dog lovers, and we get the dogs together when I visit.

    Now that we have Gordy, we are more involved with going to classes, and events, and volunteering with our shelter, we are getting to know more "dog people" and because of that we are able to meet up for play groups and walks. There is an indoor swimming pool that I take Gordy to in the winter, and some of his doggy friends also swim there, so they can now have swimming playdates. Really, for us, participating in dog friendly activities has just become a lifestyle... and we really love it. We're finding that the dog lovers we meet, for the most part, are just a very positive, encouraging, and fun loving crowd.

    I hope that you are able to find an amazing guy who will be sweet and caring to both you and to animals. I know for a fact that there are a bunch of them out there :)


    I think being married makes it a world of difference. I think, like the guy in the ad, if I were just starting a relationship with somebody and they were pestering me to get rid of the dog, I'd get rid of the guy. Seth and I have been together for 5 years, but aren't married, not even engaged... and if he asked me to choose between him and Gordy, I'd choose Gordy. Maybe that's easier said than done, since I don't really believe I'd be put in that situation though, I guess. A 24 year marriage is in another category entirely though, just not something that you can walk away from. Not being married makes it a lot easier to say "Love me, love my dog." not really feasible with a marriage. I really hope that there's a peaceful solution for your family though, or that someone can help you work with Brody so that he can be less objectionable to your husband.
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  8. southerngirl Honored Member

    Wow Gordy sounds like he has it made. And your family and friends sound great how much they love Gordy. He's a very lucky boy.
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  9. Gordykins Experienced Member

    We are lucky for sure! I think Missy is very lucky to have you. Are you planning on going away to college/taking Missy with you after high school?
  10. southerngirl Honored Member

    Yes, I do plan on taking Missy. I wouldn't dream of leaving her. My parents said she can't stay, that she has to go with me. I don't blame them she would be too much for them.
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  11. Gordykins Experienced Member

    Yay! I hope that you and Missy have a great time at college!
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    I agree with you. I did have to re-home a stray dog because no way could I get my late Tiger Lily and her to agree. It ended in a massive fight, the stray named Freya had to have micro eye surgery and Tiger Lily micro surgery on her leg, and I was only gone for five minutes to the shop. That's the only time I just could not get two dogs to agree and live peaceably together. Fortunately, in some ways, a friend had just lost his beautiful dog of 15 years, so he gave Freya a wonderful home.

    So long as Brody isn't returned to a shelter, I would understand, very sad, but maybe better for Brody in the long term.
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    I love the ad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am in a queer position. My partner loves animals, will rescue all kinds of animals, from birds to baby opossums BUT is very 'old school' with dogs, which didn't show up until we were in a full relationship. Thinks that yelling very loudly resolves all problems - it doesn't - and thinks animal behavioral science is a load of rubbish. He didn't want Ra Kismet (I had Rakins smuggled in before partner arrived home I can be a very determined person) but five minutes after saying NO he goes back (which I ignored completely as the only one going would have been him)- was seen laying on the grass making 'puppy noises' and encouraging Ra Kismet to play with him. Now, mixed blessings, for he favors Rakins over my older boy Zeus, who like Chase is suffering a few 'senior moments' and becoming a grumpy old man. So I have to use all my knowledge, patience etc. at times to keep the peace. All is well whilst partner is at work but his energy invades our peace, that's when I have to be most 'on guard'. At least now I've stopped him from the constant yelling - by just firmly standing my ground not yelling myself and letting him know if it comes to a choice, the dogs stay, he goes!

    It could well be a deal breaker with us if he doesn't learn quickly that MY dogs are NOT going to be yelled at, nor treated as 'just a dog' - he seems to think he's more intelligent etc. than dogs/animals. Doesn't accept that it's humankind who hunt for sport, ruin the planet etc. and although yes, we did develop computers etc., dogs and all animals also contribute so much to this planet. He could learn a lot from animals.

    As to how do we live with these situations. For me, I just WILL NOT STAND for my animals being yelled at and on the one occasion he dared to try to hit Zeus, put myself between him and the dog, and despite his threats to me told him that if he lay one finger on Zeus I'd be calling the police - and believe me I would call them - and have him charged. He knows me only too well to know I do NOT make idle threats, I will do as I say, no matter what the consequences. He's learning, but maybe a little too slowly, that if he wants me to stay he'd better wake up and make the changes! If not there just maybe another Craig Ad listed shortly, with a similar message! And IF I decide on a relationship again, the chap will be put through the third degree and then some, to ensure he's a true animal lover, not a half way animal lover.

    I'm like Gordykins, love me love and accept my dogs they're my family and I too prefer time spent with my dogs to that of a lot of humans, not all, there are decent, kind true animal lovers out there, but hey my dogs are my loves and that's all there is too it, simple and to the point!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel so much for you Southerngirl, you're in the worst possible situation, shall be glad to hear you've realized your dream and left home. You will still be able to see your younger brothers though, and in a happy situation, so keep your chin up and congratulations for defending the animals in your household.
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  14. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    LOL if anyone ever asked me to choose between them and my pets, the pets would win for sure.
    Neither my husband or I are people people. We enjoy spending time with animals far more than with people. They don't judge, they don't gossip, and they thoroughly enjoy your company. I am fortunate that my husband shares my views on how animals should be treated, and loves animals as much as I do. BUT, haha it's also a problem because we are both major suckers...if someone comes to us saying an animal needs a home we have to force ourselves to ATTEMPT to talk each other out of it. Hasn't worked so far, haha, but we've set a limit for ourselves to stick to.

    I'm sure we are known as the "crazy dog cat fish horse ANIMAL people."
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    I'm the same. Does your partner have a single brother? If so, send him over express mail please, as that's JUST the perfect man for me!:D Heavenly to have a man just like myself. I do so love a 'mirror image':D
  16. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    LOL no, sorry! :D
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    OH well, they do say everyone has a double, there's hope yet:D
  18. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Haha, yes! Good luck! He's out there somewhere! :D
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