Cool New Trick...but Would Like Imput.


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While I was flipping through past pages on this dog trick forum, I came upon someone saying they would like to teach their dog to growl when they gave the command "what does a bear say?" (credit goes to that person, sorry I can't find the thread again tho!)

So I was thinking on that and decided to expand with an 'impressions' dog trick. It would go a little something like this: "Apollo, how about you do some impressions for us... How about a bear? (and he would growl), How about a wolf? (howling)........but that is about all I can come up with!!

I think this would be a pretty cool and impressive trick to do infront of friends, but I cannot, for the life of me, come up with any other 'impressions' that he could do! Maybe you guys can give us some ideas?


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The dog could walk on his hind legs, for a two-legged creature....

The dog could crawl for maybe a snake or alligator impression.(?)

The dog could do a jump for a kangaroo or bunny impression.

The dog could run a lap very fast for a racehorse impression.

To be funny, (i LOVE funny cues) you could ask, "What does a man do?" and have dog lie down on his side as if sleeping.

My dog can't howl a cappella. He can howl on cue, "Buddy, sing the blues?" but he always need accompaniment, we have to play some music for him, and he only howls to certain songs, not just any song.
currently, Buddy howls to some versions of "Onward christian soldiers" (we found this out while watching a movie) the Geico ads with a squealing pig, some opera songs, and parts of Whitney Houstons "Greatest love of all"....but Buddy keeps on adding more and more songs to his repertoire each year. Some dogs howl for firetruck sirens, but, mine doesn't.

But if i ask, "Buddy, sing the blues?" he will run over to the tv set, waiting, for "his song" to cue up. (it's taped into the tv)

He will also howl along to the sound of wolves or dogs howling on the tv or on the computer, but, i can't get him to howl all by himself alone, he needs back up singers too.


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Impressions are on my want-to-train list, lol! So I have some ideas...

"Penguin"--dog is in beg position and sort of "waddles" goes to Silvia Trkman there. :)
"Bunny"--hop like a bunny(if dog is old and sound enough to not cause any physical harm by hopping like a bunny. :) )
"Bear" or a variety of other predatory animals--growl
"Prairie dog"/ "Meerkat"/"Squirrel"--beg

I used to have some more ideas for this; I'll have to see if I can find my list, lol!