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  1. cookie06 New Member

    really it seems a difficult work to teach cookie handshake?? i am trying to teach her frm three days bt it is of no work she is nt understanding it..................:(
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  2. Anneke Honored Member

    Keep at it! Some dogs take forever to get a trick that seems real simple to us!;)
    I don't know how you are teaching her this. Maybe she doesn't like you to hold her paw?
    You could try teaching her to paw a target first, like a book or a piece of paper. When she does that, you can take the paper in your hand and ask for a touch. Then fade the paper(by making it smaller and eventually asking to touch your flat hand.
    If she is not comfortable with you holding her paw, you have to get her used to you touching and holding her paws first;)
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  3. cookie06 New Member

    hey thanks i'll try this way out :)(y)
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  4. jodetoad Active Member

    It may not be true of your dog, but the 3 pugs I have known were all very, very stubborn and willful. Are you using a clicker? Make sure Cookie knows there is a tasty reward in it for her. Something she really wants. Try changing the treat to cheese or something she loves.
  5. charmedwolf Moderator

    I'm moving this thread to "Dog Tricks" as this is not a training challange.

    More on the subject, I would have to agree with Anneke. Some times it takes a really long time to teach a trick you would think is relatively simple to understand. Keep at it I'm sure she'll catch on soon.
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