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Hi, I'm new and and I have a poodle 1 yr. old named Opie, I can't seem to train him to go potty outside, he knows to sit but that's it HELP!


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You might get more help in the Puppies section where other members with similar problems have posted. =) I have seen many potty training posts there in the past. I'll move your post, and I would also suggest going to the links Jean has provided. Welcome to the site!


How long have you had your poodle? Have you been trying to train him since a puppy or have you just got him recently? Does he go in the same spot in the house or just anywhere? Is he neutered? If so, how long ago? All of these things can factor into why he is going in the house. Another thing is, what are you using to clean it up? If the scent isn't completely removed the dog can smell it and that says to them that it's ok to pee here. (A dog can smell a drop of urine in a gallon of water!) There is a product called Natures Miracle that I have found to be effective. It is an enzymatic cleaner that neutralizes the odor.