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After his daily walk he woke up with a huge bump on his front chest. Could it be a pulled muscle?

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  1. dogsaver65 Member

    My name is Linda and I currently have 7 dogs all resuces. I feel they are the best because they know they have been given the chance to live and show it but wagging their tails everytime they see you. They appreciate and love you know matter what kind of mood you maybe in.

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  2. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome!!! Wow, that is just AWESOME that you rescued all 7 of your dogs!!!!!:D The dog in the picture is adorable!!!!!:love: We'd LOVE to see pics of the rest of the pack!!!

    Which dog did you say woke up with a bump on it's chest??? And you never noticed anything there??? Not even a small bump??? Wow, *I* don't know, but I bet some of the wonderful members on DTA can help. Maybe you should post it as a separate thread in the "Dog Health" section.:)
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome!!!!!!!! Am IMPRESSED BIG TIME that you rescued all seven of your beautiful dogs(y):D I totally agree with what you say about rescue dogs, I've always had rescue dogs, even my German Shepherds were all rescues. LOL my mother used to say 'now what is she bringing home' when I came down the driveway with another 'rescue' in tow:D Or rang her at the office with a barking/mewing little one held to the phone with a 'he/she needs me'. To my darling Mom's credit she NEVER said no:D.

    Adore the pictures:D

    With the lump. Need some more information on this. What type of dog? Have you ever noticed ANY form of lump before, even a tiny 'maybe' kind of lump? Is the dog in pain?(not always a good indicator of what's wrong, dogs can hide pain). Is the lump hard? Can you kinda 'feel around it"?. Did the dog over exert him/her self?

    If it doesn't go down QUICKLY or WORSE get's BIGGER then a trip to the vets will be the best solution.

    I would say it's a pulled muscle, but without knowing more or seeing the dog, VERY hard to say.

    As Dogster has suggested look through the dog health issues and make a separate post. There are people there who would be better informed to help you. But please, if the lump doesn't go away or diminish, do see your vet. Most lumps are NOT dangerous but it's always best to be safe than sorry:)
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  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome. WOW seven dogs!! Kudos on rescuing all of them I it when people rescue their dogs. I would love to see pictures of your whole pack:D For the lump you should take him to the vet if you are short on money you can call the vet and ask their opinion before deciding if he needs to go.
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  5. dogsaver65 Member

    Thank you all for your concern about Prince. I did make an appointment for him this afternoon. Yes it is hard and no pain. He's eating, playing, etc. I just pray its a pulled muscle and not a tumor. There was no indications of any lump before this. That's why I'm worried about him.
  6. dogsaver65 Member

    Prince with my son Mark

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  7. dogsaver65 Member

    My little girl Lexus with her buddy Prince

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  8. dogsaver65 Member

    New rescue who was homeless for 3 weeks in Los Angeles. I finally got to catch her we named her Magic. She's come a long way. Thanks to my other dogs she's a happy go lucky little one.

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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    His eyes, soooooooooooo loving:X3:
    Try not to worry, stay positive. Tumors do not normally come up that fast and from sad, past experience, if they do, there are generally other signs. Tiger Lily collapsed, her 'lump' was swollen abdomen, inside of her mouth was white as and cold no prior warning signs BUT she wasn't playing when I came home and found her on the floor. It was sudden and I knew it was serious. With your boy Prince, he's eating, playing and not in pain, so stay positive, hard I know. So glad you've got a vet appointment:)
    Let us know we will all be waiting to hear good news:)
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  10. MaryK Honored Member

    What a sweetie Lexus is and her buddy Prince, he's just sooooooooo loving:X3:
  11. MaryK Honored Member

    She beautiful and her name is soooooooo right:X3: I sure wouldn't want to be homeless in L.A. VERY, VERY HAPPY to hear she's come such a long way. And yes, our other dogs DO help a new, lonely soul to become a happy go lucky:X3::X3:
  12. Dogster Honored Member

    Awwww!!!:love::love: How CUTE are your dogs?!?!?:love::love:

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