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did u guys hear the sad story of codie the border collie who was covered in ignition fluid and lit on fire on the 26th of august. He lost his fight and is now watching us from above if u want to view the whole story visit this link:!/justiceforcodythedog
very sad story and is a reminder of why animal cruelty should be stopped


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I'm crying so hard I cannot believe anyone could be that cruel! The perpetrators should be charged with First Degree PreMeditated Murder and receive the same sentence as would be handed down to anyone who murdered a human. I have to go hug my boys.


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Oh my gosh that poor dog. :cry: She fought for a good bit but couldn't pull through. R.I.P Cody. I feel so bad for the family especially those poor kids had to see their best friend like that. People can be sick, how could they do this. I can't imagine if this happened to my baby


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What evil people could do this?!?!?!:mad: It's so sad.:cry: Why are some people so heartless and cold towards dogs?!?!? They should be ashamed of themselves.:mad:


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Absolutely disgusted that people can do this. Totally agree with the manslaughter charges. People who think that causing pain to any animal, whether human or other, is fun or acceptable shouldn't be allowed any freedom.