CM's Daily Poll: If Your Country Banned Dogs

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by CollieMan, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Imagine it. You open your mail, to find a notice that your country is banning the ownership of dogs - completely. You look at Fido, Fido looks at you. Do you love Fido enough to move to a whole new country, where dog ownership is welcomed?

  2. CollieMan Experienced Member

    I would move in a heartbeat. A life without dogs in it, is no life at all in my view, and so no amount of turmoil a move could cause could be more than the turmoil caused by not having a dog.
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    That is a good question CollieMan - considering that it is not that far fetched. Here in Ontario Canada they are trying to ban Pitbulls completely. They've passed a law which all pitbulls must wear a muzzle in public places.

    It's incredibly stupid of them to believe that a breed is to be blamed rather than the incompetence of the owners who never train the dog. Very sad.
  4. bipa New Member

    ROTFLMAO! <wiping tears out of my eyes> WOW! My very own personalized vote! Love it! :msngiggle:

    Well, considering that I've already moved countries twice, I suppose third time would be the charm, eh? I'd seriously consider moving if dogs were banned, because I can't imagine life without them. Wouldn't happen in a heartbeat, though. All that red tape and visa stuff can take a while, never mind finding a place to live, new job......

    So my vote is actually quite appropriate after all..... yes I'd move, but it would take a while :dogbiggrin:
  5. mopar53190 Well-Known Member

    Canada is not too far from where I live (WI). I would move, besides they have better fishing in Canada! I was asked the question on a application while adopting my cat from an animal shelter... What will you do if you have to move to a place that does not accept pets? I answered I would not move. I would give up anything before I had to give up my pets... They are a part of my family.
  6. CollieMan Experienced Member

    They've been banned here for some time. One council recently tried to ban its housing tenants from owning certain breeds too. More and more parks here are becoming out of bounds for dogs, or, if you're lucky, only on leash areas.
  7. Jean Cote Administrator

    I think it's so stupid for people to think that a breed is responsible for the dog's aggression. I know some pitbulls who are the friendliest dogs ever - it all depends on how they were raised and socialized.
  8. bocephus Experienced Member

    So true Jean!!
    These dogs were fine till they met the human species.
    We have friends in California that we see while at events there.
    They have a club called Team triple threat
    Here is their Website.
    Brian has a PitBull named Maximus, I would trust my pup to play with his Pit before I would 99% of the so called nice breed dogs.
    This group has done so much with raising awareness on the Bully Breed. I myself was guilty of Branding them(still not fully cured either) due to mostly personal experiences rather than hear say. But after visiting and talking with this group of awesome people I have a new look at the breed.
    I have met lots of GREAT PITS in the recent years. I had over 20 PitBulls show up at one of my events 2 yrs. ago And I tell ya those Pits put every other breed of dog to shame. One even taking a 19' jump off of the dock!!!
    If somehow a FULL Dog ban happened in America I am sure there would be an assasination and the ban would soon be lifted:msniwonder::msniwonder::msniwonder:
  9. l_l_a New Member

    What is even worse than a country possibly banning dogs is what they would do to any existing dogs. Remember recently when there were those incidents going on in some parts of China where government officials were snatching pet dogs away (to be killed) from unsuspecting owners. Pet dogs were not supposed to be targeted, but many ended up being anyway.
  10. Jean Cote Administrator

    I knew that they had a one child policy, but never heard of a one dog policy. That's crazy how they restrict people like that, and the majority of dogs aren't allowed. I'm happy to live in Canada! :)

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